Lhe Endesa League raised the curtain on the 2020-21 season with an entertaining presentation at the Endesa headquarters in Madrid, a meeting point for the 18 participating clubs. Among the protagonists there was the desire to compete now and optimism reigned for the approach to the new normal of basketball with the return of the public to the courts, even partially, to the courts.

Even with masks and safety distances, the representatives of the clubs – only those of Valencia and those of Gran Canaria, who played friendly matches, were missing – monopolized the spotlight of a gala chaired by José Bogas, CEO of Endesa, Antonio Martín, president from the ACB, and Jorge Garbajosa, president of the FEB, who was led by the impersonator Raúl Pérez, Siro López and Pablo Lolaso, who brought out the less known and more carefree part of the players.

Emotional tribute to the retired Felipe Reyes and Carlos Cabezas

The presentation gala of the Endesa League had a nice detail when it invited two illustrious players from the competition, such as Felipe Reyes and Carlos Cabezas, recently retired, to take the stage. who got the well-deserved ovation from the audience for their long careers and as members of the glorious generation of 80. The ex-Madrid center confessed that he has not missed basketball this summer: “I wanted to totally disconnect from basketball and enjoy my family and it’s what I’ve done. “

The return of the people to the pavilions was the star theme of the presentation of the new season that will begin on September 18, and to him José Bogas dedicated a large part of his speech: “The return of the public is the most important thing and you have to celebrate it. It is the soul of the competition, it is time to feel its strength and energy. I celebrate that we are progressing little by little towards normality. “

Reinforced equipment

With them in the stands, the League promises to be more attractive after a summer in which all the teams have strengthened, as Antonio Martín highlighted: “It’s going to be a difficult year for the title contenders, for the teams in the middle zone and for those who do not want to have trouble downstairs. There is a lot of talent, a lot of future and some veteran and it is going to be a competitive and exciting League “.

All the players went through the stage to be subjected to the most diverse tests, such as throwing objects into a basket. Todorovic (Lenovo) managed to plant a giant beach ball over the rim. Vives (Joventut), who has just become a father, made a mistake in throwing diapers, and Olumuyiwa (MoraBanc Andorra) was also wrong with gloves. But he did score Sedekerskis (Baskonia) … with a cream pie!

Benite (San Pablo Burgos) started with the guitar accompanied by his compatriot Lima (UCAM Murcia), who was released with the ‘Ai se eu te pego’ by Michel Telo.

And Ehigiator (Urbas Fuenlabrada), Oliver (Monbus Obradoiro), the most veteran player in the League with 43 years, and Pozas (Coosur Betis) answered questions from the most absurd test.

And Brizuela (Unicaja), ACB’s anti-bullying ambassador, explained the good progress of the campaign. That game has to be won.

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