The Nigerian player, who spent three excellent campaigns in Salamanca, returns after completing all the necessary procedures, completed in the absence of the transfer before the deadline of February 28, once she decided to leave Russia, where she played for Nadezhda, given the situation current war.

These are not easy times at a global level, and neither have they been for an Elonu who, once she has decided to leave Russia, is going through an ordeal to leave the country, so her incorporation will take place when she can return home and, from there, travel to Spain. CB Perfumerías Avenida had no doubts at any time, as soon as the opportunity arose, to once again have a player of proven quality and that she starred in so many joys and memorable encounters with the blue club shirt. Of her game and the impression she left in Salamanca, little can be added that she does not know the perfume hobby.

Initially, the captain of the Nigerian national team, with whom she recently obtained a pass to the World Cup in Australia, will join Avenida for the domestic competition, helping a diminished, especially in interior positions, charro team. The 1.86cm tall power forward was completing, as usual, an excellent campaign at Nadezhda with 12 points and 6 rebounds on average between the Russian League and Eurocup Women. Extraordinary news to recover “Silent Killer” for an Avenida that will receive it with open arms.