Adrián Chapela Lage (Lugo, 1994) began playing at a very young age in his hometown, arriving at the Estudiantes Lugo when he was only six years old. From that moment, the new Azulino game direct showed a great projection that even led him to play in the lower categories of the Spanish basketball team, with whom he conquered the Männheim bullfighting in 2012. At just eighteen years old, he would make his LEB Oro debut with his hometown team, Breogán Lugo. After several seasons playing in Galician lands with Xuven Cambados and Breogán himself, in the summer of 2017 he decided to leave his comfort zone and stop at the Lucentum Alicante of LEB Plata. His great season, remaining on the verge of promotion, earned him to return to the LEB Oro at the hands of Força Lleida, where he has played these last three seasons.

Valuation Arturo Álvarez, coach Melilla Sport Capital

The Dean’s coach highlights that the new Azulino signing is a consolidated base in the category: “He is an experienced point guard in the category and with constant evolution. He has gone on to be a consolidated base in LEB Oro in a few seasons ”.

As for what he can contribute, Arturo Álvarez believes that Chapela will give a lot to the team due to his great offensive capacity, but also in defenses due to his physical qualities: “He has a good physique, capable of assisting and also scoring, something that we consider very important. It has a great defensive capacity to any player on the outside line ”.

With the signing of the Galician base, the Azulino coach is convinced that a very solid couple has been achieved in the management: “I think it is an ideal complement to the base position and together with Maiza they form a very solid and guaranteed couple for the category. Glad to have been able to form this duo in the direction ”.
Welcome Adrián!