He was not bothered in the least by having to be hundreds of miles from home again, having to settle in a city with limited mobility, or having to find his beans again at a club totally unknown to him.

Because when Adrian Chapela stamped his signature as a new player of the Melilla Spot Capital, he was fully aware of the responsibility he had just acquired. And it was not going to be far from easy to have to assume the direction of a club dean and whose shirt had previously been worn by bases of the size of Joan Riera, Dani Rodriguez or himself Pedro Rivero.

Names that not only did not scare the young man from Lugo, but also provided a great motivation when it came to being able to show that perhaps this could be the year of his consecration as one of the most talented point guards of the category.

A statement confirmed on the track based on sensations, but above all, based on numbers since Chapela surpasses at this point in the course the records signed by Rodríguez and Rivero in their day to place themselves just a few tenths of the figures of a Laugh from another era.

Thus, the Galician abroad has been acquiring the necessary confidence to be able to assume the value leadership of a team in which names such as those of Fran Guerra, Edu Hernández-Sonseca or Oliver arteaga. Without a doubt, the best indication …

Adrián Chapela: “I have a lot of confidence in my game and that makes me enjoy it”

Every day he walks the few meters that separate his home from the Melilla Sport Capital gambling hall and it is precisely there, between reflection and reflection, where we take the opportunity to take the pulse of a player satisfied with how a season of growth has begun in the personal plane.

Is Adrián Chapela satisfied with these first months of life in Melilla?

“Without any doubt. It was a place that I knew a little above all those times I had been able to come as a visitor and it always seemed to me an interesting place. It is a very simple city, but with the lifestyle and comforts of any city in the south of the Peninsula and that has made me adapt really quickly to the life that is done here. You may not have the facilities to move that you can have in other cities, but I am a very calm person on his days off and who does not need to be in constant motion to be happy.

After three years in Lleida, what attracted you the most about the Melilla project?

“Well, I have always had the dream of being able to be an ACB player one day, but at the same time I have been aware that there is no other way to do this than to be able to take small steps in my career. That was what I was looking for this summer and when Arturo called me, his sports offer was quite similar to what I wanted to find. It offered me not only having important minutes in one of the leading teams in the competition, but also being able to seek individual improvement through daily work. When all those factors come together, you end up finding the ideal destination for you. ”

When you talk about the Endesa League as a destination, it is inevitable to think that wherever you come from, they will enjoy it again …

“Yes and it is something that makes me very proud. I have always felt very much about the Breogán project and I still have very good friends in that dressing room so I am really enjoying seeing how things are going. They have worked as hard as I have to be able to have that opportunity and it has turned out well for them so I cannot do anything other than enjoy with them from a distance. Hopefully one day I can experience something equally beautiful, but now is not the time to think about that but to enjoy the day to day in Melilla ”.

And since we are talking about Lugo, how do you assess the evolution of that boy who made his debut at the LEB at just 17 years old and as the third baseman of the Lugo team?

“To be honest, when I look back I remember as a boy who suffered a lot physically and who had a hard time defending the rank and file guards. On a technical level I had no problems because they had always worked a lot with me in the quarry, but that professionalism began to demand a new step forward … The year I played the LEB Plata with Cambados, Miguel Ángel Hoyo and Álvaro de Pedro taught me the importance of the physique and how he had to take care of it every summer to be at a good level. That helped me grow as I was gaining maturity in the game, putting aside that somewhat crazy direction that I had in my early days to end up being a point guard capable of dominating the tempo of the game. ”

And little by little, those young guards from the 90s begin to take over from the veterans: Óscar Alvarado, Josep Pérez, Fabio Santana, Lluis Costa, Christian Díaz …

“I think that for all of us it is an incentive to be able to have minutes and responsibility in a competition in which such historical players as Pedro Llompart or Dani Rodríguez continue to shine. That we have been compared to them has been a source of pride and I think that it is being answered because players like Lluis Costa are at a very high level to show that they can be by far the best in the competition. In my case, what I can tell you is that I am at a very high level of confidence and that I am enjoying a lot on the track knowing that I still have a long way to go to get to the best of the levels ”.

And we return again to that of the importance that can have in a LEB Oro project having two national quality bases …

“Yes, it is something that has been demonstrated in recent years, that whoever wants to move up, must bet on a good pair of national bases. They are players who know the League to perfection and you know that they will be an absolute guarantee for everything they can contribute to you ”.

You were talking about personal growth, but this year the numbers are accompanying being the best of your career and having made you the most valued player of the course in the team …

“In the end the numbers are nothing more than a reflection of how you feel on the track and I, at the moment, feel super important. On the one hand, because of the confidence that I have on the part of Arturo and his coaching staff and, on the other, because of everything that my teammates transmit to me on and off the track. I’m very comfortable here and things are going with a series of victories that are giving us a lot of morale ”.

Three victories in a row that show that the team has perfectly understood the change of cycle that the club was going through. Satisfied with the performance?

“Yes, because this was a very important year for the club and the beginning was going to be key. They came from saving themselves on the last day, from changing coach after many years, from being able to renew just one player, from forming a group in which none of us had played with the rest of the team … Those things can weigh you down at the beginning, but I think a good job has been done, with a good start to the League and streaks that have helped us understand what we want to play at, achieving a gear that is working and that looks really good ”.

And how far can you paint?

“Well, good question … I would like to be able to win all the games that remain, but after what happened at the club last year, we must be aware that the priority must be those 12 victories that help us ensure permanence in the category. And once at that point, step by step to dream of the Playoffs where maybe we can be one of the teams covered in the competition because I really like our team. We are smart, we have good scoring routes and that can lead us to do beautiful things in the League ”.

Season statistics – Adrián Chapela:

Played games: 10
Minutes: 26.03
Points: 7.5
Rebounds: 3.2
Assists: 3.4
Recoveries: 1.8
Caps: 0.1
Fouls received: 3.2
Rating: 11,2

Sports career – Adrián Chapela:

Inferior categories: Lugo Students
2008/10: Lugo Students (Cadet)

2010/12: Lugo Students (Junior)
2012/13: Lugo Students (EBA League)
2013/15: Ribeira Sacra Breogan (LEB Gold)
2015/17: Xuven Cambados (LEB Silver)
2017/18: HLA Lucentum (LEB Silver)
2018/21: ICG Força Lleida (LEB Gold)
2021/22: Melilla Sport Capital (LEB Gold)

International career – Adrián Chapela:

2012: Gold Medal – U18M International Tournament (Mannheim – Germany)
2012: Fifth place – European U18M (Latvia – Lithuania)
2013: Fifth place – U19 World Cup (Prague – Czech R.)