TOíto García Reneses has returned to Joventut 13 years later to start a new stage in the green-black team. The legendary 74-year-old coach will not sit on the bench but will work with some of the diamonds that the club has in its quarry.

The coach announced last summer that he was taking a sabbatical after four seasons at Alba Berlin, which he managed to settle in the Euroleague. He left his post to his disciple Israel González while he thought about whether to retire permanently. But basketball, his great passion, claims him again.

He will return to Joventut, according to Xavi Ballesteros, in L’Esportiu. According to Carles Duran, first coach of the Endesa League team, and the sports director Jordi Martí, Aíto will train with six promising young people from the club: Zsombor Maronka, Miguel Allen, Kris Helmanis, Yannick Kraag, Adrià Domènech and Ruben Prey.

The veteran coach has already won a Cup, a Eurocup and a FIBA ??Eurochallenge with Joventut in addition to polishing young talents such as Rudy Fernández, Ricky Rubio and Pau Ribas. They should be joined by Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarros, other prodigies that he made explode at Barcelona. Now he will try to make new diamonds shine.