“My father put a ball in front of me since I was two years old, even if it was football. Her three children have tried many sports and we have it instilled since we were little. My father is my idol, my reference point, and I would love to dedicate myself to sports as long as he does “ says Alba Prieto, the guard-guard of Durán Maquinaria Ensino who is having a very good first season at LF Endesa at 21 years of age.

In addition to his reference, José Miguel Prieto is his first follower: “I think he prefers that I have dedicated myself to basketball. He enjoys a lot, suffers like the most and always supports me. He’s the first to message me when things haven’t gone well. I learn from my father every day. “ The truth is that its characteristics are very different: “At first they told me that I did not have that character of my father. But every time I get more out of it. I like to compete and I think that comes from me. “

Alba is averaging 5.3 points and 2.0 assists in more than 24 minutes of play per game. Some remarkable figures in a newcomer in the 21-year-old category: “It is being all a dream. I was uncertain about my first year at LF Endesa, but in the end Carlos Cantero trusts me, the team trusts me and I’m playing more minutes than I expected. “

One of the keys that she repeats is the team that has bet on her and her style of play: “Durán Maquinaria Ensino’s basketball is a game where I have a lot of possibilities. We want to defend a lot, to know where we have the advantage. Everyone treats me very well and I have teammates with a lot of experience and more vision of the game. I can have more speed, but my mind does not go as fast as them. Everything I can absorb from them, I will accept. “ affirms Alba.

You also know that you have room for improvement. Assures that “I can improve in all facets of my game, but I am still in the development phase. I have to settle on what I’m good at and improve others. For example, this year I’m not shooting very well out of three. ” And among the objectives of the future is prudent and wants to settle “In this League and enjoy a little more on the court. I love competing, it runs in the family. Basketball has given me all the people I have ever met. And playing in the highest category gives you the ability to understand life in a different way. Without basketball I couldn’t live. “

Actually, at the age of 16 he made his debut at LF Endesa with CB Conquero, and although his presence was testimonial, he remembers the 2016 Queen’s Cup: “It was a baby, but I remember it with great enthusiasm. In addition, it was a great game against a great team such as Perfumerías Avenida. That year I was with players from whom I learned a lot like Rosó Buch or María Pina and I have great memories of that day. “

Alba Prieto is one of the cases of a player who has combined her training in the American NCAA and in the LF2: “I went to the United States for a year, but then I came back. And I don’t regret my decision. I understand the colleagues who leave, because the ability to study while doing sports is much greater there. Here I study, but I don’t have the facilities that American universities give you, but the sporting level in LF2 is higher. “

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