Alba Torrens and Tamara Abalde have successfully passed the medical examinations carried out in the hospitals belonging to the Quirónsalud Group, the Official Medical Service of the Spanish Basketball Federation.

In the case of Alba Torrens, the medical examination was assisted by Dr. Catheline Lauwers, head of the cardiology service at the Quironsalud Valencia hospital; and Tamara Abalde by Dr. Rodrigo Medina Alba, cardiologist at the Quironsalud Miguel Domínguez Hospital in Pontevedra.

The two players have undergone a complete medical examination in coordination with the National Team’s medical services, led by Dr. Juan Francisco Abellán.

“In athletes who have tested positive for COVID, it is important to evaluate respiratory and cardiocirculatory function later to guarantee a return to intense physical activity without risk of complications. After the study carried out, the two players are ready to start working again to regain their physical form after these days of forced rest, ”says Juan Francisco Abellán.

Torrens and Abalde tested positive for COVID a week before the start of EuroBasket after carrying out the PCR tests established in the security protocols of FIBA ??and the Spanish Basketball Federation. These positives led them to miss the European championship, but now they will rejoin the National Team on July 5, along with the rest of the team, to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.