Another stage of the preparation of the Women’s Selection closes. Spain closed the Cordoba tournament with two victories, against two teams (Nigeria and Belgium) that will be in the Olympic Games. This Saturday, the victory against the Belgians, has double value two weeks before the start of EuroBasket in Valencia. Two of the teams that aspire to everything in the continental event that provided a good meeting, with Laia Palau as the protagonist. The great captain took the surprise of the day by stopping the game in the 9th minute so that the FEB, from the hands of its president Jorge Garbajosa, and her family, who traveled to Córdoba, paid her an emotional tribute.

After the two teams beat Nigeria in trouble in the days before, they welcomed a less physical start to the game. The first attacks were fluid and ended in a basket. On each side a star: Emma meesseman by the Belgians, and Alba Torrens placeholder image by the Spanish. The Mallorcan enjoyed the open field and took advantage of any opportunity not to have to wait for five to five. The scoreboard stopped at 21-13 after the tribute to Laia from FEB, her relatives and a Alba Torrens placeholder image spectacular (13 points in 10 minutes).

In the second quarter everything changed. Philip Mestdagh he stopped the Spanish offensive gale with a more intense defense and working the defensive balance. Spain no longer ran so much and the game got stuck. María Conde, in her first meeting of the preparation, showed that she has recovered from her physical problems and that she can be an important player in Lucas Mondelo’s attack. Jana Raman hurt the paint, but a triple and a spectacular 2 + 1 from Torrens managed to maintain the advantage at halftime, with the Balearic already scoring 19 points (34-27).

Belgium and Spain are in all the pools for the EuroBasket in Valencia and they showed it in Córdoba. With little preparation, with mistakes on both sides … but with a lot of talent on the track. Meesseman put one more march to counter his partner at Ekaterimburg, while Antonia Deleare contributed without fanfare. Raquel Carrera and Laura Gil they took advantage of comfortable shots to avoid over-defense to Alba. A new quarter with little scoring and tremendously even that ended 48-39 and with everything to decide.

Belgium did not want to leave feeling bad and played their best basketball in the fourth quarter. 0-15 partial to put 48-53 and get ahead. Spain was not right in attack, neither inside nor outside and Lucas Mondelo I was asking for a time out to try to clear the traffic jam. The coach put Maria Count to ‘four’ and a steal of the ball from Ouviña and a triple of Leo they fixed the situation. Spain squeezed in defense and with a quintet of ‘small’ they entered in the last minute ahead. Triple Sunrise did not go in, but Laura Gil caught a golden rebound that ended with two free throws scored. The victory was for Spain in a happy ending to the Córdoba Tournament.