Jota Cuspinera will count as assistant coaches for the Movistar Estudiantes first men’s team with Alberto Lorenzo and Iñaki Martín. Lorenzo will complete his tenth season at the club in two stages, while Martín, a coach with extensive experience in FEB categories and in other countries, arrives at Movistar Estu from Delteco GBC. For his part, Jorge Franco is leaving the club, whom we want to thank for his professionalism and wish him luck in his new challenges.

Lorenzo (Madrid, 1970) knows the club well, since this will be his tenth season in the ranks of Movistar Estudiantes, after returning last season to collegiate discipline. He has been an assistant with Cuspinera’s own Endesa League Estu, Javier Zamora, Sergio Valdeolmillos, Diego Ocampo, Txus Vidorreta, Trifón Poch, Pepu Hernández and Luis Casimiro. Also, without leaving the Ramiro club, he directed several quarry teams, among them the Liga EBA subsidiary and the Sub20 Circuit, of which he was proclaimed champion in 200y and 2007. Professor at the INEF in Madrid, he has also been an absolute male coach of Great Britain, and part of technical and organizational bodies of the Spanish Basketball Federation.

Martín (San Sebastián, 1978) joins Movistar Estudiantes from Delteco GBC, where he has been Marcelo Nicola’s assistant coach for the last two seasons. He is a technician with extensive experience in FEB categories, where he has been an assistant in addition to Nicola in GBC, Quino Salvo, Natxo Lezkano, and Porfi Fisac; in clubs like Palencia, Cantabria Lobos, CB Valladolid and Ciudad de Valladolid.

He also has first-rate international experience: he has been the overall male coach of Mozambique, with whom he won the first medal in the history of the African country; and in this country he directed the CD Maxaquene masculine and the Ferroviario feminine, obtaining several national and international titles. He has also trained in Portugal (SC Lusitania) and has been an assistant in Venezuela (Guaiqueries de Margarita, with Gustavo Aranzana).

The person who will not continue on the Movistar Estudiantes coaching staff will be Jorge Franco. He was an assistant coach in the first team last season 2020-21, after having been part of the coaching staff of the collegiate quarry. From the club we want to thank you for your professionalism and wish you luck in your new challenges.