Competing his day to day in the competition with some of the main technicians of European basketball and measuring himself in the direct votes to the two leaders of the League, the technician Alberto ortego has been able to proclaim himself as the best coach of the season in the Endesa Women’s League.

An award granted through the votes cast by the rest of the competition’s coaches, by the captains, by the fans and by the League’s own experts. A broad group that has thus rewarded their work at the head of the Movistar Students in a season of joint return to a competition in which both parties have more than met expectations.


It would be difficult to understand the Movistar Estudiantes project at LF Endesa without the presence on his bench of an Alberto Ortego whose professional career has been linked almost entirely to the Madrid team. A union that began two decades ago and has reached one of its sweetest moments this season, which was the year of the team’s return to competition. Quite a challenge that the collegiate team has managed to solve successfully achieving a premature permanence that allowed the team to be able to ambition more “luxurious” objectives during the second part of the season, because if Ortego has achieved something this year, it is to be able to stay motivated of his team at really high levels to achieve goals such as qualification for the 2021 Queen’s Cup or for the Playoffs that they will reach next week with nothing to lose.

Alberto Ortego’s word: “Although this is a nominative title, it belongs to the entire staff”

Season balance: “I want to thank all the people who have voted me the best coach of the year in the Endesa Women’s League and, although it is a nominative title, I want to extend it to the entire squad and my entire coaching staff.”

Season statistics – Alberto Ortego:

Played games: 30
Wins: 17/57%
Losses: 13/43%
Points: 2,063 / 68.7 pp
Rebounds: 954 / 31.8 pp
Assists: 424 / 14.1 pp
Recoveries: 230 / 7.6 pp
Caps: 23 / 0.8 pp
Fouls received: 285 / 16.2 pp
Rating: 2,158 / 71.9 pp

Sports career – Alberto Ortego:

Training: Students
2001/02: Adecco Students (LF2)
2002/05: Adecco Students (LF Endesa)
2005/06: Arranz Jopisa Burgos (LF Endesa)
2006/08: Rivas Futura (LF Endesa)
2008/09: MMT Students (Liga Endesa) – Assistant Coach
2017/18: Movistar Students (LF Endesa)
2018/20: Movistar Students (LF2)
2020/21: Movistar Students (LF Endesa)