Melilla Sport Capital communicates the agreement reached with Alex Llorca for his incorporation into the Azulina discipline. The Catalan player, who has extensive experience in LEB Oro and Liga Endesa, arrives with a temporary three-month contract.


Alejandro Llorca Castillo (Esplugas de Llobregat, 1989) was trained in the lower categories of Hospitalet and FC Barcelona. At the age of twenty he made his debut in the Endesa League with Manresa, where he was for three seasons. In 2011 he landed for the first time in the LEB Oro hand in hand with Tarragona. The following years he was in teams Alicante – where he got promotion -, Lleida and Breogán of LEB Oro. In the summer of 2015 he returned to the Endesa League in the ranks of Basketball Fuenlabrada. In Madrid he stayed for four seasons. Once his time with the Fuenlabreños was over, he spent ten months recovering from a back problem, reappearing in Básquet Coruña in the 2019/20 season. His stage in herculean lands was short since due to the pandemic he could only play three matches. Last year he signed for Girona Básquet with which he played five games before missing the year due to new back problems. At the same time, Llorca has participated the last ones in the 3×3 circuit with different teams and even with the Spanish National Team with which he got the silver medal in the 2015 European Championship.

Valuation Arturo Álvarez, coach Melilla Sport Capital

“He is a player with a lot of experience in the league, even in ACB. He is a totally contrasted player and in recent seasons he has not been able to show his full level due to minor injuries ”.

“He comes to vindicate himself and is one more who believes in our project. He strengthens our perimeter a lot, especially due to the lack of Mukama, and I am convinced that he will be a player who contributes us a lot, not only with points but also leadership. It is a very important addition for us ”.

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