Alex Mumbrucoach of Surne Bilbao Basket, stressed that “question” Pablo Laso as coach of Real Madrid is something “totally absurd“, because the coach from Vitoria “has won everything and has been in all the finals and playing well”.

“I don’t know what else he has to do, maybe win seven NBA rings. There is nothing to discuss. AndIt’s something that seems totally absurd to me. I don’t even go there“, stressed the Catalan coach in the preview of the match that will face Surne with the white team tomorrow, Tuesday, at the Bilbao Arena.

I don’t know what else he has to do, maybe win seven NBA rings. There is nothing to discuss

Alex Mumbru

“I don’t even think about it”also settled Mumbrú when he was questioned about the possibility that he was the possible substitute for Laso on the Madrid bench.

Regarding the game, the Catalan considered that it would probably be “more complicated than normal” to defeat Real Madrid at this time “in need of victories, of regaining confidence” and of “calming the waters that have been a bit troubled”.

Separating players from a team (Heurtel and Thompkins) is not an easy thing and when you do it it is because something is not working well. That is something of Pablo and surely the decision is the best for the team. They are getting in shape because they don’t have to be at their best now but when the ‘playoffs’ approach, “he reflected.

Tribute in Bilbao

On the other hand, and with the permanence virtually assured after adding the twelfth victory of the season against Valencia Basketthe coach assured that the goal now is “to win the best matches, play basketball wellbe a group until the end and then see where the classification puts us”.

Lastly, Mumbrú thanked Bilbao Basket for the detail of withdrawing the number ’15’ jersey that he wore during his nine seasons with the Basque team, in an act that will be held after the match against Real Madrid.

“That’s something nice and endearing, the culmination of what you have done in 21 years as a player and the nine I spent in Bilbao. Being a small part of the club’s history is rewarding, but that will be after the game. I’m excited, but now we’re going to try to focus because otherwise Madrid will run over us”, he said.