Jvery sad ornate for Malaga basketball. Not because of Unicaja’s defeat in Bilbao, something expected. Alfonso Queipo de Llano has passed away at the age of 84. Player, coach and considered by many to be the father of basketball in the province of Malaga. He has done it after fighting for several weeks against the coronavirus without him finally being able to win this match. The figure from Malaga leaves with the honor of having received the gold badge from the Los Guindos club in December. A well deserved award for an impressive career.

Alfonso Queipo de Llano was key in the growth of basketball in Malaga since the 1950s. He was one of the founders of the Sociedad Deportiva Caja de Ronda, one of the clubs that merged to create the current Unicaja. He was linked until 1992 in various managerial positions of the Malaga entity, pioneer in the creation of the ACB. During the 1960s and 1970s, he was also a player for CD Málaga basketball, a team linked to football in the city. It was not only key in the province of Malaga, Queipo de Llano was also key at the national level. Important was also his figure in ACB. The man from Malaga was one of the founders of the Association of Basketball Clubs (ACB) in 1981 and has numerous recognitions and awards to his credit throughout his career.


This basketball lover was a true human encyclopedia of Malaga and national basketball. With a date or game, he was able to remember scores, statistics and statements from the protagonists of the games from four decades onwards. From Unicaja he has made his loss felt with a sad statement at the time of his sad farewell. “Today Alfonso Queipo de Llano, one of the fathers of basketball in Malaga, has left us. We can never be sufficiently grateful to him for everything he did for our sport and for the Club. A big hug to family and friends. RIP, Alfonso “, communicated the Carpena club.

Proof of the pain caused by his death are the messages that have come from all points of the basketball map in Spain. Clubs like BAXI Manresa, Valencia Basket, the ACB itself and many of the clubs in the province from Málaga CF to the Costa del Sol Málaga handball team have mourned the death of Queipo de Llano. A condolences to which of course MARCA and his delegation from Malaga join.

Via Marca.com