Real Madrid won the Endesa Super Cup when they came back against FC Barcelona in Tenerife and ended up winning 83-88 after tracing 19 points in the last minutes. Llull was chosen MVP with 24 points. Zaragoza Carlos Alocén, shone with 11 points and 3 rebounds and was the protagonist in ‘Marcador’ after lifting the first title of the course.

Title and comeback

“It is an extra motivation to win this final the way we have, it is a plus to face the season. It will make us want to continue working on a day-to-day basis to achieve more things like this.”

Personal performance

“In the semifinal I did not play but I tried to be prepared. I knew that with Rudy’s injury I could have minutes and I have tried to enjoy them and give it my all and the truth is that it has turned out very well. “

Goals for the season

“Real Madrid have to fight for all the titles and we set ourselves these goals. All competitions we have to try to win them. “


“He is the one who most deserves this title and the great game he has done, he has been behind many things and many years giving everything. At some point the knee has not accompanied him, but Sergi has something special that many of us pay attention to and become a reference not only for Real Madrid but for many people who come behind. “


“They haven’t told us anything yet, but it looks like that knee doesn’t look bad.”


“He is not part of the team, he is calm in the United States and I can say little because I have not spoken much with him.”

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