The eighth page of the calendar falls into the paperwork on the morning of this Wednesday and with it, we reach a month of September used to being one of the most exciting of the course in FEB Competitions. Because, with the arrival of autumn just around the corner, national basketball dresses in its best clothes to start the new season.

And what better way to start the 2021/22 season than with an exciting “back to school” in a feminine key, since both the LF Endesa and the newly born LF Challenge will mark the beginning of a year full of the best basketball.

September 6: LF Endesa Super Cup Draw

It will be the zero kilometer of the season. The starting point for everything that the new course can bring us in some FEB Competitions that will start their countdown from the Casino de La Laguna on Monday morning 6. There, four teams will see their names come out from inside some drums that will decide the start of the road marking the pairings for the dispute of the Spanish Super Cup. The first official title of the course in an LF Endesa in which Perfumerías Avenida, Valencia Basket, Spar Girona and Tenerife will fight to lift the trophy. to More information

September 18-19: LF Endesa Super Cup

Continuing the successful format released last year in Bilbao, the Spanish Super Cup will once again be the starting point for the season at LF Endesa. An exciting weekend that will bring together the three best teams from last year on the floor of the Santiago Martín Pavilion, who will fight for the first official title of the season together with the host team. In this way, Claudio García’s Tenerife will have the broad factor in its favor to attempt the exciting challenge of being able to overthrow the main candidates for everything. Because Perfumerías Avenida will arrive in the Canary Islands ready to revalidate their title, Spar Girona eager to lift their third trophy and Valencia Basket dreaming of being able to win their first national title. to More information

September 25-26: Home LF Endesa

Eight games and 320 minutes of play will make up the first day of competition for an LF Endesa that will return to the slopes in a big way. Because the highest national competition will take over the Super Cup with the dispute of its first three days in just seven days to acquire competition rhythm. In this way, LF Endesa will reach the first international break (November 7) having played half the days of the first round of competition. A reliable thermometer when it comes to calibrating, during the final stretch of the calendar year, which teams will be eligible to qualify for the Queen’s Cup. to More information

September 25-26: The premiere of the LF Challenge arrives

Born to be the link between the elite and the formation, thus completing the pyramid of national basketball, the LF Challenge will be a reality on the afternoon of next Saturday, September 25. A Saturday for history and in which its 16 teams will take to the track to start seven intense months of competition in which they will fight for the two promotion places to the LF Endesa at stake. A league with an attractive competition system and that it will start with a main course with the confrontation between the two newcomers of the superior category or the double Madrid / Catalan derby. to More information

October: The LF2 closes a circle to which men’s basketball will join

And as if that were not enough, a month later, during the first weekend of October, women’s basketball will close the circle with the start of a new competition. And it will be then when the LF2 launches an inaugural ball that, a week later, will give the baton to men’s basketball. First with the long-awaited return of the LEB Gold League on Friday, October 8 and, 24 hours later, with the arrival of a LEB Silver League ready to make us enjoy on the courts. A wide offer that will be completed with the staggered return of an EBA League that will fill the entire national map with basketball.