MThe news for Barcelona three days after starting their participation in the Endesa League. The Barça team will not be able to count on Álex Abrines, who has undergone surgery this Thursday for a patellofemoral injury in his left knee, as the club announced in a statement.

The time out will depend on the evolution and rehabilitation of the forward, but could reach five months. It is likely that Abrines will not play again for the remainder of 2021 and that the Copa del Rey (February 17-20) will be marked as one of his goals. The club has a difficult time incorporating a player in his place, as it is beset by financial problems. It will be Cory Higgins, Kyle Kuric, Nigel Hayes and Sergi Martínez, in addition to the homegrown players, who must fill the gap until he returns.

Abrines played the Tokyo Olympics with the national team in a secondary role and now faced his seventh season at Barcelona over two stages. Last year he averaged 6.8 points in the Endesa League with 39.7% in triples.

At least the forward was taken with some humor having to be operated by publishing a message on social networks: