ANDl Real Madrid arrived in Zaragoza with little gasoline after the demanding duel of Euroleague Thursday before him Maccabi, but he knew how to grit his teeth in the second part to impose his physique and his success and beat Casademont (65-86). Although they would be wrong to stay only with the result, because the hands stood up until the last quarter (53-59) thanks especially to Okoye (15) and Mobley (13), but they stayed without strength and without resources Against an opponent with much more muscle and many points in their players.


You know about that for a while Sergi LlulHe, who led the triumph with 17 points and 5/9 triples, giving polish to a doll that continues to have prodigious moments. But not only did the whites live in Menorca, spurred on by Yabusele (9) in the first part, and for the valuable contribution of Heurtel (13), Taylor (9) and Causeur (7)All of them important to wear out Zaragoza in the second half and prop up the final takeoff.

Randolph reappears a year later

The good news did not stop there for the whites, who saw how Randolph reappeared a year later after overcoming the complete rupture of his Achilles tendon left. Ended with 7 points and 3 rebounds and he was somewhat lacking in rhythm, but surely it will go to more in the coming weeks.


Yabusele monopolized the meteoric start of the game for the whites. The French ‘tank’ shook the foundations of the Prince Felipe pavilion with a constant harassment and demolition before the impotence of the hands to stop their attacks, that only stopped with their premature second foul. Llull got on his car and with two triples he shot Madrid (5-12, min 6). Alone Okoye and San Miguel with their triples they prevented the gap from growing. But Randolph finally stepped onto the court to show that your wrist is still oiled. He scored a triple with the first ball he touched and kept the advantage (15-20, min 10).

Brutal Mobley Breakthrough

The Saragossa he barely endured the barrage, but in the second act he came out ready to change the trend, and he succeeded. Waczynski and Radoncic they gave a neutralized warning with another triple from Randolph. Then Mobley came on the scene and took over the game scoring 13 consecutive points (with two triples and a 2 + 1) to shoot your team (35-27, min 17). Madrid, without legs behind and almost without ideas, reacted with the 3s by Taylor and Llull and two baskets by Heurtel that stopped the bleeding before the break (36-35, min 20).


In the resumption Thompson and Okoye they put the counterpoint to the good start of the quarter of Williams-Goss, Tavares and Causeur, but the latter with seven points did manage to open a gap (44-51, min 26). No news from Mobley and Okoye, Zaragoza suffered the unspeakable to score, and that drought moved back, where they began to leave holes that penalized with their triples Yabusele and Llull (the fourth of the night), to put Madrid on the path to victory (48-59, min 29).

Llull and Heurtel close the match

Zaragoza did not deliver the spoon at the beginning of the last quarter (53-59), until the whites stepped on the accelerator and with two triples from Taylor and a 2 + 1 from Poirier they laid the foundations of triumph (55-68, min 33). Madrid pushed even further back without leaving a loophole in defense and Heurtel and Llull’s triples closed the game (58-76, min 36). Zaragoza wanted to react but could no longer, surpassed by the physical power of his rival and his success in the last minutes with which the difference increased (65-86).

Data sheet:

65 – Casademont Zaragoza (15 + 21 + 13 + 16): San Miguel (5), Font (-), Okoye (15), Vanwijn (4), Deon Thompson (5) -starting five- Radoncic (9), Hlinason (6), Javi García (-), Mobley (13) , Waczynski (6) and Sipahi (2).

86 – Real Madrid (20 + 15 + 24 + 27): Williams-Goss (7), Llull (17), Hanga (4), Yabusele (9), Tavares (3) -starting five- Núñez (2), Heurtel (13), Vukcevic (-), Poirier (7), Randolph (7), Taylor (9) and Causeur (8).

Referees: Pérez Pérez, Oyón and Vicente Martínez. There were no excluded.

Incidents: match corresponding to the twelfth day of the League played in the Príncipe Felipe pavilion before 6,083 spectators.