ORn irregular Valencia Basket took advantage of the gift of four bad actions in the final stretch of Casademont Zaragoza to tilt the match that faced them this Sunday at La Fonteta to their side (81-79).

The visitors, after the dismissal of Jaume Ponsarnau, showed a good reaction in terms of fighting ability and also many execution problems in the decisive minutes, but still had one last shot to win from Jordan Bone.

Some activity without much success from Valencia Basket at the start was enough to undermine the battered confidence of Zaragoza. Nor did an Aleix Duran timeout change the dynamic of a team in which only Adam Waczynski had the slightest idea of ??how to find his way to the rim.

The locals faced the clash with only one point guard from the first team, Martin Hermannsson, and his rest and the second foul of the youth squad Guillem Ferrando allowed to see the third option of Joan Peñarroya for that position, something important because the physical problems of Sam Van Rossom and Nenad Dimitrijevic can last for weeks. It was the shooting guard Klemen Prepelic and the Slovenian, a good passer, managed with solvency (27-17, m.14).

The appearance of Santi Yusta and Triggvy Hlinason (one of the three former Valencia players along with Omar Cook and Rodrigo San Miguel) allowed Zaragoza some scoring frequency, but the handy team could not stop Prepelic’s triples when he returned to his position of ‘ two’.

Seeing the game under control, Valencia lifted their foot, lost tension and Zaragoza advanced their defensive line and accelerated their attacks to, led by Jordan Bone, recover options before the break with a partial 3-12 (38-34, m.20).

Zaragoza was handed over to Bone after the restart to try to complete the comeback and the American’s points allowed him to tie the match. Duran took a risk and rested him with Omar Cook, and the play went well for him because Matt Mobley and Dino Radoncic were activated and put his team ahead (49-52, m.26). The failures of the premises from the free throw line helped.

Ferrando’s management woke Valencia up before the start of the last quarter. His connection with Mike Tobey in the direct block was decisive for the American interior to open up to shoot or drop inside (63-54, m.30).

The partnership with the American interior did not work so well with Hermannsson and Zaragoza was able to reduce the distance despite the fact that Duran punished Bone with a few minutes on the bench almost as soon as he returned to the field (66-66, m.34).

With the match tied, four bad decisions by Zaragoza, a loss by Hlinason, another by Bone and another by Cook, and a bad shot by San Miguel gave the locals the initiative on the scoreboard despite their evident lack of ideas and success .

But Bone was determined to fight for the victory until the end and with several spectacular actions he benefited from two Bojan Dubljevic misses on the free throws that gave the American the opportunity to launch a three-pointer on the run at the buzzer that could change the game.

Data sheet:

81 – Valencia Basket (19 + 19 + 25 + 18): Hermannsson (3), Puerto (4), López-Arostegui (10), Pradilla (14), Tobey (13) -five starters- Prepelic (21), Ferrando (1), Dubljevic (4), Jiménez (-), Rivero (7) and Labeyrie (4).

79 – Casademont Zaragoza (11+23+23+22): Cook (-), Bone (27), Waczynski (6), Thompson (2), Radoncic (6) -five starters- San Miguel (5), Mobley (12), Yusta (8), Vanwijn (3), Font (-), Fernandez (-), Hlnason (10).

Referees: Caballero, Sánchez Mohedas and García González. Without eliminated.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 25 of the Endesa League played in the Fuente de San Luis pavilion before 4,155 spectators. Before the meeting, a minute of silence was observed for the death of Antonio Novoa, first president of the ACB.

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