TOTomic was decisive, once again, with 25 points for Joventut to take an important victory (83-77) against UCAM Murcia, a direct rival for being in the Copa del Rey in Granada.

The Croatian pivot held the green-blacks for many minutes, lacking in success on their outside line (6 of 16 in triples) against the good Murcian defense, especially by Sadiel Rojas over Joel Parra, and two of his free throws and a spectacular triple by Derek Willis ten seconds from the end sentenced the game.

Data sheet

  • 83. Joventut Badalona (27 + 20 + 18 + 18): Vives (8), Ribas (7), Parra (10), Willis (10), Tomic (25) -starting team-, Busquets (-), Brodziansky ( 4), Ventura (-), Bassas (11), Feliz (4) and Birgander (4)
  • 77. UCAM Murcia (23 + 20 + 17 + 17): Davis (15), Taylor (17), Rojas (4), Webb (14), Lima (6) -starting team-, Bellas (4), Radovic ( 7), McFadden (2), Cate (2), Czerapowicz (6) and Vasileiadis (-).

UCAM Murcia took the lead on the scoreboard in the first bars of the game (6-9) with James Webb scoring from three, but Tomic appeared in the paint and together with the triples from Vives and Ribas, Joventut opened a gap of 10 points (24-14, min. 8).

The good defense of Vives and Bassas on Taylor prevented UCAM Murcia from scoring easily until Sito Alonso gave entry to Bellas and Czerapowicz to cut the green-black streak and shorten the difference at the end of the quarter (27-23).

The green-blacks again stretched the lead with Bassas’s triples and Ribas’s free throws to eleven points ahead (41-30, min. 18). The Murcians became strong in defense and Taylor was uncovered in attack with 10 points in the last three minutes to tighten the score at halftime (47-43).

The game started again (49-49) after two triples by Webb and Davis and a basket by Ante Tomic at the start of the second half. A new triple by Webb gave UCAM Murcia the lead again (53-54, min. 24) and the game entered a phase of equality that would last until the last quarter.

Ante Tomic’s points and assists allowed Joventut to catch air heading into the last quarter (65-60) but the advantage was short-lived for the Catalans as Radovic tied the game again with a triple (67-67) to the Catalans. two minutes into the last quarter.

Willis once again gave Joventut a five-point lead (72-67) with six remaining, but La Penya failed to break the game and UCAM Murcia resisted to try again.

Sadiel Rojas put Murcia ahead (76-77) with 2’15 “left, but the game ended up fading Sito Alonso’s team 52 seconds from the end when Davis was punished with the help of an unsportsmanlike instant replay. after a foul by Pau Ribas on Taylor.

Joventut went from having to defend an attack by the Murcians to having two free throws in the hands of Bassas (78-77) and possession that ended with Tomic scoring two more free throws (80-77).

A plug from Vives to Taylor in the penultimate Murcia attack left UCAM Murcia without options before Willis put the Olímpic on its feet with his triple final.