ANDn 2017 Sergio Llull the crusader was broken in the tables of Santiago Martín de Tenerife in an action in which many wanted to see the end of his career. It seemed that the Spaniard was not going to be the same again. And it is true, it is not. He is another player, with different characteristics than those that made him MVP of the Euroleague. But in his head he was still incredible despite the voices that wanted to withdraw him before his time and that today they see him lift his third Super Cup MVP on the same court where he was injured, matching a certain Navarro.

That of Mahón personified the triumph of a Madrid that lacks staff and has plenty of character. Llull assumed the leadership of the white team and showed that his famous mandarins are not the result of chance but of faith. A conviction that sometimes plays tricks on him for always trying to be the hero, but that in games like this he shows that he still has arrests to stop one of the best teams in Europe.

A Barcelona to which the opposite happened to Real Madrid: He has plenty of staff and he lacks a winning character. For quality he is, surely, the great candidate for everything as he showed in the final of the ACB, but when things come badly he has to learn to manage his nerves. For this you need a player who takes those stripes when the ball burns in everyone’s hands others.

There are days when you get everything you try and when it should even be mandatory to play a few euros in the lottery. That should do today Pierre Oriola to which everything has come out. At least in the first half. The Spanish international was touched by a wand and perfectly fulfilled the role that Jasikevicius entrusted to him to play as ‘4’ open and responded with three triples from three attempts in the first half. The third to the board, which also counts.

Whoever has a quarry has a treasure. At least that’s what Pablo Laso must think. The Vitorian coach showed that his pulse does not shake when giving the alternative to the youngest of his team. Given the already habitual casualties of Thompkins, Randolph and those of Abalde and Rudy Fernández Laso, he called Madrid and had his suitcases packed. Tristan Vukcevic, who as soon as he jumped on the court, showed off with a triple. Minutes later, the Madrid coach played it with Ndiaye that despite not being successful, he showed that he was not afraid of anything.

Edy tavares He is the player who missed Facu Campazzo the most last season and it seems that he has not yet overcome the Argentine’s march to the NBA. The Cape Verdean has not yet found the tune with Heurtel and Alocén and Madrid notice it in his game. If we add to that the problems with personal fouls or the little rest he has had since the Afrobasket, just a week ago, part of the little importance is explained (Six minutes and he has not scored any points, he has not caught a rebound and has not put a stopper) of the Madrid giant in his team’s game.