The rumor had spread like wildfire during the previous days and throughout the different areas of the competition, but… would Marc Gasol land in his Bàsquet Girona, putting an end to an entire life in the NBA?

That was the most repeated question in that week of November 25 in which the player himself, dressed in his new shirt, set foot on Fontajau for the first time to confirm to the fans and the media that his most immediate future was going to pass through the LEB Gold League.

Quite a media earthquake that reached maximum heights with its explosive debut against Levitec Huesca (39 val) and that was pulverizing peaks of attention in each one of the displacements of the Girona team. Because whether it was in Palencia, in Almansa or at the WiZink Center itself, the high demand for requests from the local media ended up leading to massive press conferences with which to round off a great ticket sale for the rival club.

An interest that has even triggered the sale of club shirts, being able to find, both in the stands and in the streets of the city, numerous examples of fans who carry their number 33 on their backs.

From the media impact to the overwhelming sports awakening

It could be assumed that the arrival of Marc Gasol was going to lead to a real revolution for the LEB Oro League as far as media interest was concerned, but it remained to be seen if that impact could go beyond the touchline and break into the the track after months of sports break.

A mystery that Marc Gasol cleared up in just 21 minutes of play with an overwhelming debut against Levitec Huesca accompanied by 39 PIR goals and, above all, the best possible sensations (89-47). Because his presence in the game had been key for the entity to put an end to a streak of seven consecutive losses that had left the team on the verge of relegation.

A resolved night with his first MVP in the category and that was about to give way to a total change of mentality in a locker room in which Marc was going to help bring out the best in each and every one of his teammates. Because that is the only way to understand the qualifying takeoff of a team that has added 13 wins since then.

And the ascent? What about the promotion?

Much was said upon his arrival about whether or not the Bàsquet Girona project with Marc Gasol could be that of a firm candidate for promotion. An affirmation that seemed somewhat crazy at the end of last November, but that has been taking shape over the months.

Because even in those moments in which Mar had to stop due to injury, the team was able to maintain its winning dynamics, showing how little its star has left in the locker room. An inertia that has increased in recent weeks with 11 wins in the last 12 games, which has taken the Girona team to fifth place in the table.

Playoff team numbers and that, once at that point, a new stage will begin in which everything is possible. Everything, including that long-awaited promotion for which they have worked in recent years… Because in the LEB Oro, dreaming is possible.

Marc Gasol’s first round, in numbers
LEB GOLD 2021/21 – Basketball Girona
Working day Rival Statistics Outcome
10 Levitec Huesca 39 val: 19 p – 16 rb – 7 fr 89 – 47 (F)
eleven EasyCharger Palencia val 22: 12 p – 13 rb – 4 ace 62 – 73 (F)
12 Palmer AM Palma val 31: 21 p – 10 rb – 3 ace 98 – 77 (F)
16 Movistar Students 39 val: 23 p – 12 rb – 4 ace 88 – 80 (D)
14 ICG Força Lleida · Injury minute 3 · 86 – 65 (D)
17 HLA Alicante Low due to injury 75 – 94(D)
19 CB Prat Low due to injury 85 – 89 (F)
twenty TAU Castello Low due to injury 66 – 61 (F)
13 Unicaja Banco Oviedo Low due to injury 46 – 80 (V)
fifteen Melilla Sport Capital val 11: 4 p – 7 rb – 2 ace 78 – 71 (F)
twenty-one CB Almansa with Afanion val 31: 19 p – 8 kb – 4 ace 87 – 93 (F)
22 Cáceres P. Humanity val 29: 17 p – 9 rb – 7 ace 86 – 80 (V)
23 UEMC Real Valladolid val 23: 16 p – 10 rb – 3 ace 57 – 77 (F)
24 Coviran Granada 15 val: 11 p – 4 kb – 2 ace 55 – 66(D)
25 Leyma Coruna 24 val: 16 p – 10 rb – 2 ace 72 – 96 (F)
18 Juaristi ISB 6 val: 6 p – 3 rb – 1 ace 85 – 73 (F)
26 Acunsa Gipuzkoa 20 val: 8 p – 9 rb – 3 ace 91 – 88 (F)
27 Levitec Huesca 25 val: 22 p – 7 rb – 2 tap 50 – 85 (V)

season stats – Mark Gasol:

Games played: 14
Minutes: 24.58
Points: 13.9
Rebounds: 8.5
Assists: 2.6
Recoveries: 1
Plugs: 0.4
Fouls received: 4.2
Rating: 22.6

sports career – Mark Gasol:

Training: Llor Sports School
1997/99: FC Barcelona (Children)
1999/01: FC Barcelona (Udets)

Winterthur FC Barcelona (EBA League and Endesa League)
2005/06: WTC Cornellá (LEB Silver)
2005/06: Winterthur FC Barcelona (Endesa League)
2006/08: Akasvayu Girona (Endesa League)
2008/19: Memphis Grizzlies (NBA-USA)
2019/20: Toronto Raptors (NBA-USA)

2020/21: Los Angeles Lakers (NBA – USA)
2021/22: Basketball Girona (LEB Gold)