Ander affirms that the feelings after the game were bad but that little by little they are getting better for the next game. “After a defeat like this it always costs. It’s hard to lose at home like this. ” He also says that right now it is difficult to make an analysis of what happened in the game, “It is difficult to do an analysis. We tried to make our game plan, at first it didn’t go well and there was a moment in the second quarter when we fell apart and we couldn’t get back into the game. “

“It’s too early to talk about a nervous problem from playing at home. I think it is more of a problem because of the type of rivals that we have had to face at home and the type of rival that we are finding out. We are going to work to fix that and also to improve as a team ”, clarified Ander. He also insisted on the idea of ??starting to attack from defense, “The key to our game is to be well behind, since that is what gives us activity offensively. When we are good in defense we can put more speed in attack and that suits us well for our style of play ”.

He has also spoken about the atmosphere of Illunbe and wanted to send a message to the fans. “The feelings regarding the atmosphere in Illunbe have been good, but I wanted to apologize to the fans, not so much for the result, but for the image we were giving during the game. Also thank everyone who stayed until the end of the game, because with a result like this I know it is not easy. Finally, I wanted to ask people for a vote of confidence because this is not the image we want to give at home and we will surely improve it and it will be fun to come and see us ”.

Ander’s life has given a great change this season, “my life has changed a lot, the last few years I had been studying and playing at Canoe. My mornings were chaos between training and classes and also many days we trained at night. Last year I was working in the mornings and this year in Donostia I am just dedicating myself to basketball ”.