On the opening day of the 2022 U17 Men’s World Cup in Andalusia (July 2-10), the FIBA ??Secretary General, Andreas Zagklis, wanted to express their support for the tournament by attending the matches held in Alhaurín de la Torre. In El Limón, Zagklis has been accompanied by Jorge GarbajosaPresident of the FEB, and Elizabeth AguilarDirector of Competitions FEB.

Andreas Zagklis: “First impressions are very positive”

“First impressions have been very positive. We have here, in Spain, a Federation that has organized everything. The Spanish Federation has incredible experience when it comes to setting up FIBA ??world and continental events. We are very grateful to the Federation, also to the local authorities, at the provincial and municipal levels. The support is obvious, there has been very good preparation for the event and the delegations and athletes are happy, that is the most important thing for us. They are the generations of the future and for them it is the first experience in the world, so it is very important that they have very good conditions. We know that this World Cup is part of our joint project with the FEB to organize two youth World Cups, this year in Malaga for the Men’s U17 and next year in Madrid for the Women’s U19”.

Jorge Garbajosa: “We greatly appreciate FIBA’s support”

“Now everything makes sense: we have been working on this event for more than two years with a lot of administrations involved, with a lot of love and with a lot of presence from FIBA ??staff. We greatly appreciate it. We organize this Andalusian U17 World Cup in a wonderful province. As soon as you see all the people who have come from the basketball world (visitors, scouts, relatives…), you see that all the work done is worth it. Whenever we try to host an event in this Federation we try to make something different. We are in a basketball province, with a fantastic hotel, gastronomic and leisure offer. To this is added that during these ten days they will have the best training basketball offer.

The U17 National Team has achieved something that is the most beautiful thing a team can achieve, in this case a National Team, which is to excite people. We have seen some spectacular preparation tournaments with our boys competing at the highest level. We see them very committed, coach Javi Zamora has done a spectacular job. Now is the time to compete and enjoy. Now that you enjoy, that you are lucky enough to play at home and with fans behind you like those from Malaga and from many other places to come”:

Elisa Aguilar: “We bet on these generations that will take us to the top”

“Organizing a U17 World Cup like this one in Andalusia is on the strategic path of the Federation. Normally we organize more absolute championships, but in the end success for the future is at the base. Whenever we organize a championship they end up congratulating us. This year it’s time for it to be male and next year it will be female: you have to support both. And from the FEB we have to bet on these generations that are going to take us to the top”.