ANDhe Surne Bilbao Basketball visit San Pablo Burgos with a single goal in mind: add the eighth win in a row of the course and match the best streak in its history who signed in the 2009-2010 season.

A streak that seemed unthinkable just two months ago. The Biscayan team accumulated nine defeats in the first 12 games of the course and his name returned to flirt with the positions of a descent from which he escaped ‘in extremis’ the previous campaign.

I never doubted or feared for the departure of the team, I knew that the players who are with me have the talent to get ahead

Slim Angel

They were moments of doubt that made fear the worst. However, inside the locker room no one doubted the team’s capabilities. Y Slim Angel less than anyone. The Dominican pivot, who last season experienced the drama of relegation with Estudiantes, affirms in conversation with MARK that he was not afraid and that he has always trusted in the ability of the team.

“I knew that the players who are with me in the locker room are very talented and we just needed a punch to the face to react. I never doubted and I didn’t fear for living a situation similar to the one I went through at Estudiantes,” confesses Delgado. “We never gave up.”

We never give up. The joint effort has been key to turning the situation around

Slim Angel

The player of Bajo de Haina (10.9 points, 8.3 rebounds and a PIR of 16.4 in 23 minutes on average) knows what it is to suffer and have to work to reach the top. That is why she knows that hard work is the key to get out of situations like the one experienced by the ‘Men in Black’ at the beginning of the season. “The joint effort has been key to turn the situation around.” However, there is one factor that has been fundamental above the rest to get out of that losing streak: “Álex Mumbrú has all the credit. He is always not supportive and helps us in an incredible way. It has helped me a lot. He is my right hand.”

Now I think we can make the playoffs. It would be a bit disappointing, at least for me

In the same way as the pivot, who grew up basketball in the United States and in the NCAA, did not get discouraged during the streak that led the team to flirt with relegation, nor does he want to be carried away by optimism and euphoria. He knows that the basis of everything is work and he relies on it to set the team’s goal until the end of the course.

“I am very envious not being able to be in the Cup. We had a team for it, but the opportunity slipped out of our hands. Now I think we can make the playoffs. It would be a bit disappointing, at least for meif we don’t make it”, concludes Delgado, who already feels like one more Bilbao, “despite the cold”.