ANDn the four years that Angel Delgado I study in the Seton Hall University he got two races: business and criminology. “My dream is to act as a policeman and solve crimes. I see many series of that,” says the pivot of the Movistar Students in conversation with MARCA. He also gained a reputation as a compulsive rebounder and he wears it wherever he goes. You have already solved the rebound case.

“It is my strong thing,” says the center of 2.08 meters and 111 kilos. The physicist, inherited from a father who was a player in the Dominican Republic, helps. You also want them: “The rebound is for whoever wants it the most and I always love it very much. If I go for him, at least I hope I can touch the ball. “

The rebound is for the one who wants it the most and I always love it very much

Ángel Delgado, center of Movistar Estudiantes

But perhaps the key to your success is observation. Like a detective, he is always looking for clues. “I see a lot of videos of the rivals that I am going to face. I look to see if they shoot strong or weak, if the balls go too far or stay close to the ring … So in matches I know where to place myself “, reveals Delgado, an admirer of Hakeem Olajuwon and Joel Embiid, which he also investigates on the Internet.

That has helped him, at 26, have a career marked by rebounding milestones. The last one, last Saturday, when caught 20 against Casademont Zaragoza. He is the second schoolboy after Felipe Reyes that reaches that figure. In the Endesa League nobody did something like that since Paul Davis added 22 with Cajasol in the 2011-12 academic year. In the 21st century, only eight players made it.

At Seton Hall, Delgado caught 1,455 rebounds, More than anyone. Since the NCAA divisions were established in 1973, only six players have added more in their college careers: Kenneth Faried, Tim Duncan, Derrick Coleman, Malik Rose, Ralph Sampson and Pete Padgett. In 2017 he was the top rebounder with 13.1 average.

And in 2018 he was recognized as the best university center. He received the award Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from the hands of the myth itself. “I was impressed by how tall he is, but even more so that the best center in history knew my name,” he recalls.

My dream is to act as a policeman and solve crimes. I see many series of that

Ángel Delgado, center of Movistar Estudiantes

Despite the award, it was not drafted. He signed a contract with the Clippers, with whom he only played two games, and spent the rest of the season in the Development League. Playing in Hot water, team linked to Los Angeles, beat the record for rebounds in a game: 31!

Then he went through the Hapoel holon Israeli, signed by the Beijing Royal Fighters of China with whom he did not get to play, he returned to the G League (Sioux Falls Skyforce) and in the summer she got engaged to him Students, where it is enchanted. “The NBA is still an ambition, but it would be a pleasure to come back here next year.”says the center, who signed for a single season.

A tough childhood and a military high school

The bounce is effort and Ángel Delgado knows well what that word means. When he was one year old, his parents separated. He grew up with his mother, who earned the minimum wage working in the free zone. At nine, He stayed under the tutelage of his older sister, who is six years older. His mother went to work in Argentina. “It was not easy at all. We had a very ugly timeBut we got on with a tough mind, “he recalls. He also didn’t have a good time when he received a scholarship to a high school that was a military school.” It was the hardest year. I was alone and they let us call the family only once a week “, bill. Basketball was his motivation and the effort, as with rebounds, paid off.

He averages 5.8 points and 6.4 rebounds. Alone Walter Tavares and Augusto Lima they surpass him in average catches. Its benefits have increased with Jota Cuspinera on the bench and with JJ Barea on the track. “He has become my right hand man. He is giving us a lot with his experience,” he says. And this Tuesday, in the visit in the game postponed to a Barça launched after 13 wins in a row, without fear, “because there are always options and we have nothing to lose.” Be a very complicated case resolving.

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