The Valencian base reaches this figure having played 78 games in the Endesa Women’s League, 6 in the Queen’s Cup, 15 in the EuroCup Women and one in the Super Cup. With these 100 games dressed as a taronja, Anna enters a select group in which only Esther Díaz (134) and Rebeca Cotano (139) had entered to date.

Precisely, the captain entered the top 3 of matches with the club just 5 days ago, but she has not only made history in this area. Anna is in the Top10 in points (502), in the Top7 in triples (62), she is the maximum all-time assistant (403) and in the Top2 in rebounds (411). The Valencian, in addition, maintains the record of assists of a player in a game with 11 basket passes. Rebounds and assists began to be recorded in Liga Femenina 2, so there is no previous data for the women’s team.

In this way, Anna Gómez shows that every day she consolidates herself more as an active and historical figure within the trajectory of the Valencia Basket women’s section.