Continuity is one of the keys to Rubén Burgos’ team. 10 out of 12 players are still part of the squad. The base claims to feel “very happy. It is a very ambitious, very competitive team and I think it is very positive that they continue for another year, that this bloc continues. Every year Valencia Basket wants one more step and we are going to take that step further ”.

The key to that growth Gómez argues that it will be that “we know each other better, we each know the game that they play on the court, we know more about the personality of each player and I believe that this will be very positive to continue growing. I think that many players still have a lot to give and I think it is very positive that they continue and that they give continuity to this project ”.

The Club has made two additions for next season. The Spanish Ángela Salvadores and a token for the quarry of L’Alqueria del Basket. The captain thinks that “the more Spanish women come to the women’s league, the bigger they make the league. It is very nice to see that Valencia Basket has so many Spanish women represented. The quarry is what we are. We are a family and it is the union between the first team and L’Alqueria. I come from below and I have experienced how special it means for a quarry player to go up to the first team to be able to represent all those girls is beautiful and very positive, for the team, for the club and for the whole family that we have. ”.

After the departure of María Pina, Gómez is already the player who has been active in the squad for the longest time. A very special event for her: “I grew up with this project and the project grew with me. For me it is a pride to continue wearing the Valencia Basket shirt, to continue living with Valencia Basket, the club, the fans and this beautiful project that we are experiencing both in the Spanish league and in Valencia because we deserved to have a women’s basketball team through this level ”.

Regarding the previous time to play the Euroleague, the base admits that “it is a prize that we have won both the fans, the club, and the team that we are going to enjoy a lot. We really want. I think it’s very positive for the fans and for us to play that preview. We are going to give one hundred percent. It will come at a time when the team is forming, but it is a project that comes from a year ago, so we will be well prepared. As I said, the team is very competitive and we really want to play in the Euroleague ”.

The only thorn that remains for the team from last season is not having been able to enjoy the fans more and they hope to be able to do so next season. Gómez confesses that “when they tell me that it has been a brilliant year, I say that it has been brilliant because we have won a title and we have played the final three of the season, which is incredible, but we have lacked something and that is the fans. That the players who have stayed and who come can enjoy that ‘soroll taronja’ is going to be something spectacular ”.