The Valencian woman admits that she had not imagined being able to lift a title so soon, in her third season at the Club: “If we look back at the first year we started in the league, we achieved many goals, the second year due to COVID It stopped, but I did see how each year we continued to grow. Now this third year playing a Queen’s Cup final and playing the final and winning the EuroCup Women is something very emotional and spectacular ”.

The Queen’s Cup was, without a doubt, an apprenticeship in the face of what was to come. It is said that before winning a final, you must first lose it, and this has happened with Rubén Burgos’ team. “You don’t like losing a final and more how we lost it and at home, but knowing that this team is going to play more finals and we are convinced. One day we will face heads and another day we will face tails, but we hope we will be up to the task and be able to take more finals, or at least play them ”.

The short history of Valencia Basket in EuroCup Women begins and ends in Hungary. Anna admits that she had not realized this coincidence: “Our debut was in Hungary (Cegled) and the final was in Hungary (Szekszard). I remember María Pina’s first basket in Hungary and I remember a basket here at my house as the first one that was obtained at home. It is as if the years have not passed, like starting over and it is something very special, emotional and something incredible that we have won a European competition. That we are European champions! “

Taking stock of all the moments and emotions experienced during the achievement of this title, Anna admits that “I prefer the trip, with what we have experienced with all of you, with the managers, with the desire we had to raise the title and with the work the team has done. This team is very competitive. We took one more step. The loss of Laura Gil was an important loss, but I think that everyone took another step and this team is incredible, it is very competitive and we work hard ”.

As the captain has said repeatedly, this team is going to play more finals: “Which one will be next, right?”, The player jokes. This season, for the moment, there is still a challenge ahead: “It’s the Spanish league, it’s going to be very difficult, but this has given us a further boost and we believe. This team has never stopped believing. The Cup final was a big stick, but we won because we never stopped believing in European competition. Now the league is coming and it has given us an impulse to take a breath and more strength and say here we are and we are going for the league ”.