ANDCroatian pivot, Before Tomic, He is living his second season at Joventut de Badalona and has been at ACB for more than a decade after his arrival at Real Madrid in January 2010. The pivot reviews his beginnings, his career, the present and the future in a calm talk on ‘Marcador’ with Pablo Parra, Raúl Fuentes and Carlos Santos.

“I have the illusion to play and enjoy since I was little. If you go out to play just to play, it’s not worth it. This is a game, “explained Tomic while recalling his beginnings in basketball at age 7 in a Croatian school.” It is not easy when you are a child and you are playing in the street that you have to run at any time home. I don’t really like talking about what happened 30 years ago, “he recalled about the war in the Balkans in the early 90s.

The Dubrovnik center is playing his second season at another historic club like Joventut, where he landed from FC Barcelona. “Family and children are the priority and after so many years at Barcelona, ??the natural step was to stay here and Joventut was a wonderful option in every way, I didn’t think much about it. In a pandemic, changing my whole life was difficult “, he valued when remembering his signing for the Badalona club.

I look weird when I see photos with the Madrid shirt, but I’m proud to have played in such great teams

Against Tomic, pivot of Joventut de Badalona, ??in ‘Marcador’

A Joventut that has once again recovered the hallmarks of a lifetime and that has built an interesting project for the future with veterans of the house and young people trained in the quarry. “Joventut can do great things in the coming years, but there is still a long way to go. I do see a lot of enthusiasm for young people, It reminds me a lot of KK Zagreb in my early years with Marko Tomas, Saric, Hezonja, Krunoslav Simon … we won the league, but then everyone left and the club was in a difficult situation. The most important thing is that the club continues to function and the players want to come and play in Badalona, ??”he explained.

At 34, Tomic can boast of being one of the best European centers of the last decade and an elite resume. “I have been lucky enough to play in very big clubs in Europe and in the world like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Joventut. Spain is almost my first home, my daughters were born here, Barcelona is a very important city in my life, “he said.

Tomic also recalled during the interview how the move from Real Madrid to FC Barcelona was like in 2012. “I never thought I was going to play my whole life for a club. Every stage has its end and this is normal in sport. I am proud to be part of such important clubs in the world. I never thought if they were going to whistle me when I went to Madrid or not, after Real Madrid the best option for me was Barcelona “, valued.

Everything that happened after the Copa del Rey 2019 was very sad, whether it was legal or illegal basket … it was a great game and very special for me

Ante Tomic, former captain of FC Barcelona Basketball

The jump to the eternal rival provoked criticism from fans and through social networks. “I did not realize the criticism on social networks, Some colleague told me or taught me things but I didn’t care so much. Now that I have Twitter, I take it with humor “, He recalled at the same time that one of the most iconic actions of recent years, his basket in the Copa del Rey in Madrid 2019, which gave Barcelona a controversial title.

“I remember everything that was involved in that Copa del Rey. Very sad for everything that happened after that basket and that they only talked about whether it was legal or illegal because it was a great game. I was lucky to be there shooting the last ball, it was very special for me, “he said.

Finally, Tomic referred to his future and whether Badalona will be the city where he will put an end to his career. “Well I do not know. I don’t know what will happen to my future. After this season we will decideLikewise, the club has other plans and who am I to tell them; no no, I’m staying here or maybe I want to go somewhere else, “he concluded.