235 teams and six competitions (three for men and three for women) make up the FEB competition pyramid for the 2020-21 season. A roadmap that will begin on September 18 with the semifinals of the LF Endesa Supecopa.


Composition: 16 teams

Descents: two

The LF Endesa will not have changes during this season. 16 teams, with two relegations, a SuperCup of four teams and the Queen’s Cup of eight. Quarters and semifinals will once again be in round-trip heats, with the final being the best of three games.
SuperCopa: September 18-19
Regular League Start: September 25
Queen’s Cup: March 24-27
Regular League Final: April 17
Playoff quarterfinals: April 21 and 24
Semifinals: April 28 and May 1
Final: May 5, 8 and 12


Composition: 19 teams

Promotions: two

Descents: 4

The LEB Oro will once again have two groups in the First Phase and another two in the Second. The champion of the Qualifying Group will rise at the end of the Second Phase. It returns to the quarterfinals in a five-game playoff, and a Final Four played in a weekend with the second place of promotion.
Regular League Start: October 8
Princess Cup: January 21
Start Second Phase: March 6
Quarter-finals: May 12-27
Final Four: June 4-5


Composition: 16 teams
Promotions: two

Descents: two

The new category of women’s basketball is placed between the LF Endesa and the LF2 with 16 participants, a single group, a Regular League with a double round, some round-trip quarter-finals, and a Four-way Final. The leader of the Regular League and the winner of the Final will be promoted to Four. (more information)
Regular League Start: September 25
Quarter Qualifiers: April 17 and 23
Final Four: April 30 and May 1


Composition: 28 teams
Promotions: 3

Descents: 6

Without changes in the LEB Plata League, with two groups (East and West), a tie between the two leaders that grants the first place of promotion; and qualifying rounds to award the two remaining places.
Regular League Start: October 9
LEB Silver Cup: January 29
Leaders qualifying: April 17 and 23
Eighths: April 17 and 23
Quarters: April 30 and May 7
Semis: May 14 and 21


Composition: 28 teams
Promotions: two

Descents: 6

It returns to the two groups of 14 teams. The first four of each will play the Final Phase that will grant the two promotions to the LF Challenge
Regular League Start: October 2
Regular League Final: April 9
Final Phase: April 21-24


Composition: 128 teams

32 (A), 16 (B), 36 (C), 24 (D), and 20 (E)
Promotions: 5

Conference A returns to the two groups, Conference B will have a single group, Conference C stays in 3 groups of 12 teams, while Conferences D and E continue with two groups of 12 and 10 teams respectively. The first four from Conferences B and C, the first three from Conference A and E, and the first two from Conference D.

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