Being synonymous with elegance on the track, Arica Carter has taken this course a new step forward in a career in which he has completed his third year in national territory. A year that has led to a double collective award and a complete individual success as best forward of the season.

She is, without any doubt, one of the franchise players in the competition and, especially, from Movistar Estudiantes who did not hesitate to extend her contract last summer. But not only because of her contribution at a sporting level but also because of the human quality contributed to the locker room by a key player when it comes to being able to explain the team feeling of the collegiate club.

A true reference on and off the court and who has served as the main concern of rival coaches in their scouting thanks to his ability to alternate game rhythms and revolutionize games through his multiple offensive resources.

But not only has Arica been an outstanding player in attack, as her role in defense has contributed to making her one of the most complete outside players in the competition, which has led her to have the unanimous support of captains, coaches and fans at the time of being able to collect their award.

Word of
Arica Carter:

Balance of the season: “Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without my teammates. Without your support, without your love, without that feeling of being a family… I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very much. For taking care of my back, for pushing me to be better, helping me when I need help. As I say, it’s a great feeling, but it would never happen without you. Thanks everybody!”.

Ideal quintets of the season:

Ideal Quintet: J.11 / J.19

season stats
-Arica Carter:

Games played: 28
Minutes: 31.16
Points: 14
Rebounds: 3.4
Assists: 2.9
Recoveries: 1.3
Plugs: 0.1
Fouls received: 3.3
Rating: 12

sports career – Arica Carter:

Cat. Formation: Long Beach Poly High School (USA)
2014/19: Louisville University (WNCAA – USA)
2019/20: Phoenix Mercury (WNBA – USA)
2019/20: Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres (LF Endesa)
2020/22: Movistar Students (LF Endesa)