ANDl Fuenlabrada already has a sniper. The American Sean Armand, with 25 points and his first six triples without failure, put his team into orbit, who came to win by 26, resisted the reaction of Morabanc Andorra and experienced the first joy of the course (91-78).

With a spectacular start of an unprecedented success, the player signed by the French Charlon to be the external reference of the team from the south of the Community of Madrid proved his worth, well supported by the American Kwan Cheatham (18 points and 4 rebounds) and the Brazilian Leo Meindl (18 and 7).

His figures made up a magnificent local hit from 6.75 meters, with 16 triples of 32 (50%), supported by the dominance of the rebound (42-35, with 13 catches by Canadian Kyle Alexander), against an Andorra that reacted thanks to Oriol Paulí (9 points) and Víctor Arteaga (15 and 6 rebounds), but still without winning.

The duel started with a lot of rhythm, that of the American Codi Miller-McIntyre for Andorra, but Fuenlabrada put down with triples, the first two without failure by Armand and another by Cheatham (13-8, min. 5). A 0-8 manufactured by the American Drew Crawford returned to parity in the electronic for a first quarter closed in a narrow 25-23.

The equality was undone quickly, because the local dominance in the rebound (12-7) and the circulation of the ball gave Armand liberated positions. The American, acting as a point guard and guard, exhibited marksmanship (6 triples of 6) and found the ideal ally in the Serbian Dusan Ristic’s blocks (46-27, min. 17). Andorran coach Ibón Navarro left pensive and with his hands in his pockets at half-time, with 49-31 on the electronic score.

What those of the Principality had prepared in the dressing room did not seem to come out because the ‘Fuenla’ was still boiling: defending, rebounding and shooting with tremendous success to the point of overcoming the psychological barrier of 20 points (63-40, min. 24 ). The premises looked comfortable, although a series of three bad attacks had reduced their rent to 18 units at the end of the third: 70-52.

When not even his own bench seemed to believe in a comeback, Oriol Paulí did. He led his team along with Arteaga at the end of the third quarter and continued, dropping to 11 (70-59). Just before, Josep María Raventós had stopped him to put the sniper Armand on the floor, this time with wet gunpowder.

The locals were long in the game, and after four and a half minutes of emptiness they got a triple from Cheatham. The visiting party had been 0-17. But a triple by Meindl and other free throws from the Brazilian gave air to Madrid, and Armand’s seventh triple closed the victory putting it 81-68 with 2:36 left. The closing, with 91-78, gives the first victory to Fuenlabrada and lengthens the league followed by Andorra, which has three without winning.

– Data sheet:

91 – Urbas Fuenlabrada (25 + 24 + 21 + 21): Armand (25), Meindl (18), Eyenga (4), Cheatham (18), Alexander (5) -initial quintet-, Emegano (7), Samar (2), Ristic (6), Bagayoko (1), Novak (2) and López (3).

78 – Morabanc Andorra (23 + 8 + 21 + 26): Hannah, Miller-McIntyre (12), Crawford (12), Noua (3), Diagne (4) -the starting five-, Morgan, García (4), Olumuyiwa (6), Jelinek (11), Paulí (9), Nakic (2) and Arteaga (15).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Martín Caballero and Alberto Baena. Eliminated by five personal fouls the visitor Clevin Hannah (min. 37).

Incidents: match corresponding to the third day of the Endesa League played at the Fernando Martín de Fuenlabrada Pavilion before 1,811 spectators.