The young player, trained at Joventut Badalona, ??renews his assignment and will continue in the Potablava team.


The player trained in the green-and-black quarry renews his contract for another year.

Club Joventut Badalona and CB Prat have reached an agreement for the loan of the player Arnau Parrado during the 2021/22 season. In this way, the player trained in the La Peña quarry will play the next course in LEB Oro with the Potablava club, which he already knows perfectly after having played as linked to LEB Plata.

The Club, always taking into account the best interests of the power forward and of the entity itself, is committed to Parrado having more prominence on the court, and believes that the LEB Oro is an ideal category for its growth and so that it can continue to progress positively. As a player. He renews his contract for one more season.

Also, Arnau Parrado has renewed with the green-and-black club until June 2022, in a move that reinforces the confidence of the club with a young talent from the house with a great future.

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