HLA Alicante and Arnau Parrado (2000) have reached an agreement so that the player trained in the Penya youth academy joins the Lucentian squad for next season.

The Catalan player arrives at the Lucentian team after disassociating himself from Joventut de Badalona and having played the LEB Oro at CB Prat, on loan from the Badalona team. During the last season in LEB Oro, the new player from Lugo has averaged 12.1 points, 3.6 rebounds and a PIR of 9.5 per game.

Parrado, during this past campaign, became one of the best young players in the championship. Likewise, the new Lucentian player was one of the mainstays for the Catalan team to achieve permanence in LEB Oro.

Before his time at CB Prat, Parrado made his debut in the Endesa League with Penya during the Final Phase of the ACB played in Valencia in 2020. His debut in the highest national competition was also joined by his participation in the Eurocup with the Badalona team.

Parrado has been a fixture in the lower categories of the Spanish team, with which he won the silver medal in the 2019 U20 Eurobasket.

Statements by Rafa Monclova

“Despite his youth, he is a player made in FEB categories. This last season he has played at a good level and has averaged 12 points. He has been closely linked to Joventut de ACB so he also has experience in the elite. We believe that he can be a great signing because of his youth, because of what he can give us, because of the margin of growth that he can have, his involvement… I have spoken with him on several occasions and he is eager to make a leap in quality in his career and he is aware that he can have that in Alicante. We are very happy with the signing of him because we believe that he can excite people due to his youth and the ambition that he has. We all hope to help him make it a good year for him and for the club”