The CB Granada Foundation has launched the subscriber campaign for its fourth season at LEB Oro under the slogan “Ask for change, now you play”. A phrase that highlights the need for the public to return to the stands of the Sports Palace as normally as possible after a campaign in which the fans have not been able to attend regularly to cheer on their team in the best season so far. . The subscriber campaign includes discounts to different groups, as well as a gift to all fans and a series of options in the case of money refunds.

The subscriber campaign has been presented in a Sports Palace that breathes basketball during these weeks thanks to the Fénix Camp, which is present throughout the month of July. The event was attended by the mayor of Granada, Paco Cuenca, and the president of the CB Granada Foundation, Óscar Fernández-Arenas.
The red-black club last season reserved the seats of the fans who, due to the pandemic, decided not to renew their season tickets from previous seasons, so they will also be able to count on the place they occupied two seasons ago.


Both the renewal of the subscription and the acquisition of a new one can be done online (includes the refund of money) on the following web pages
Step 1, compensation:
Step 2, renewal:


The available areas will once again be those of the last seasons, that is, the complete level 1 of the Sports Palace will be open, level 2 of sector A and levels 3 of sectors C and D. The card includes the 17 matches of regular league plus the match corresponding to the José Enrique de la Cruz Memorial, which will serve as the team’s presentation match to the fans.


The prices of the tickets will be maintained for one more season, the third in a row. The difference compared to last year is that the LEB Oro will be made up of a single group of 18 clubs, so all the teams that make up the competition will pass through the Sports Palace.

In this way, the price of the card in the central tablet (level 1) of sectors A and B is 260 euros. 185 costs on the sides, while 160 is the price on the corners and 130 on the bottoms. On the other hand, in level 2 of sector A the subscription costs 150 euros and in levels 3 of sectors C and D the price is 100.


There will be a discount of 10 euros for unemployed, retired or people with functional diversity.


The main novelty compared to last season lies in the request for a Covid-19 certificate for all those who possess it. The CB Granada Foundation will ask for it, in principle, only for information purposes to have it in case it is needed during the season. In addition, if a game is played behind closed doors, money will be returned for the proportional part of each fan.


Thanks to the collaboration of the Caja Rural de Granada, all subscribers of the CB Granada Foundation will receive a gift in the form of a t-shirt with the colors of the red and black club.


Refund of money of the proportional part of the matches that could not be attended.
Money redeemable in merchandising from the CB Granada Foundation, in addition to 50% on the chosen product.
Subtract that amount of money in the season ticket for the next season.
In the case of rejecting the return, a donation certificate for that value would be made to the member who requests it.


From this afternoon and until next August 3, the renewal of subscribers will be carried out, while the 5 and 6 of the same month will be the days established for seat changes and on the 9th the term for new subscribers will begin. In addition, refunds of money will be made until next September 15.


The office will be open to the public from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., while from Monday to Thursday the hours will also be from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Statements by the mayor of Granada, Paco Cuenca
Thank you for attending the basketball house in Granada. Thanks to the CB Granada Foundation for betting on education in values, since behind there are many families. Today we send a magnificent message to all the people of Granada. Next year we are going to have a great season at the Palace. We have been lucky to enjoy the promotion phase, but we hope to start the season with an audience. We want to encourage all Grenadians to be part of this exciting and educational project to fill the Palace.

Statements by the president of the CB Granada Foundation, Óscar Fernández-Arenas
I want to thank fans, companies, institutions and the media for making us live the dream of last season with such enthusiasm and for making us believe that we could afford to be at ACB ”. “It was very difficult to play a game at the Palacio without the support of our fans, above all, because there is no such special synergy in any Spanish pavilion like the one in Granada, so now you play.