La Liga Endesa 2020-21, synonymous with points. You have to go back in time a total of 32 years to find a season with a better scoring average than this season, in which 56,676 points have been reached.

And yes, it is true that there were 38 matches and 36 matches per team, but the data goes much further than the global one. The average per team has been 82.85 points, the best seen since the 1988-89 campaign (85.08).

For a decade, from 2005-06 to 2015-16, no season averaged 80 points per team. The trend began to grow in 2016-17, with a slight improvement in the last two seasons until this new jump in the scoring average of the Endesa League teams.

2011-12 marked the lowest average seen in the competition, an average of 73.36 points per crash. From there, without interruption, the scoring flow of the clubs grew progressively. In just nine years, the average has gone from 146.72 points per game to 165.71 today, an average of 19 points in less than a decade. Offensive festival!

Endless offensive milestones

Up to a total of 16 teams exceeded the bar of 80 points on average per game, something that causes a high number of all-time highs. Even the furthest behind in the scoring rankings significantly improve numbers from previous seasons.

  • Casademont Zaragoza. His 86.86 points per game represent his best historical scoring mark in the Endesa League.
  • Lenovo Tenerife. The second top scorer in the competition promises 87.44 points per crash, the highest record since his return to the elite.
  • Barça: Led the scoring ranking. His 87.83 average points are the second best mark in a season played in this century and the fourth highest in 31 seasons.
  • Inherited San Pablo Burgos. Fourth in the global ranking, he smashes any previous scoring limit thanks to his 86.94 points per game.
  • Valencia Basket. The Taronja team (6th) has the third best offensive record of its acb career: 86.3 points.
  • Joventut. La Penya has scored the most points in the last 13 years (85.8) and ranks seventh at the top.
  • BAXI Manresa. His 83.8 points (8th) represent his best offensive record since the 1987-88 season.
  • Unicaja. The 83.7 points per game (9th) make the Malaga team the highest-scoring Unicaja in 20 years.
  • UCAM Murcia. Sito Alonso’s team, despite being 14th in the ranking with an average of 81.1 points, has the highest offensive numbers in its entire acb history.
  • Monbus Obradoiro. Like the Murcian, despite being 15th in the top, they surpass any offensive precedent with 80.2 points per game.

Accustomed to the three figures

Returning to the aforementioned 2011-12, in that campaign only one hundred points were reached four times in the entire season, something that contrasts with the offensive madness of this 2020-21 Endesa League.

Since 1995-96, a quarter of a century ago, nothing like it had been experienced. In this campaign there have been 49 occasions in which some team reached the three figures. An unstoppable evolution.

In terms of teams, Valencia Basket led the ranking, with a curious circumstance. Anchored to the three figures for four consecutive days, he endorsed that figure to Acunsa GBC (101), Barça (100), Herbalife Gran Canaria (101) and RETAbet Bilbao Basket (106) consecutively and always with victory.

BAXI Manresa and Casademont Zaragoza are the other two great animators in this regard, although the best mark of the season belongs to one of the fewest scorers of the course. And it is that Coosur Betis won the Andalusian derby against Unicaja by a 111-114. The umpteenth point storm.

Giorgi Shermadini, with 17 points per game, led the scorers’ ranking, led for many weeks by Melo Trimble.

Avramovic (16.4), Trimble (16.4), Ennis (15.7), Frankamp (15.7) and Robertson (15.2) managed to exceed 15 points per game, with Feldeine (14.9) staying to the doors. Far is that 2014-15 in which only Andy Panko achieved it.