ANDn a decision of great importance, the Assembly of Basketball Clubs, the ACB, has unanimously decided renew the contract of its president, Antonio Martín, until 2025 and reinforce its leadership. The accolade to the former player, who took office in 2018, is extraordinary.

Martín got outstanding in some very tough exams. His ability to cope with the effects of the pandemic, first with the ‘invention’ of the Extraordinary Final of the 19/20 League in Valencia and later with the celebration of the Cup in Madrid in 2021, his decision to face appreciable changes in the entity and its management skills (increasing revenue by 23%) aside from fostering a cordial atmosphere with all basketball agents, FEB and ABP, were his great achievements.

Martín, satisfied with the measure, will not rest on his laurels. “Our challenge is to be more and more attractive, reach more audiences and continue to grow in income generation. The renewal has occurred coinciding with the Eight million euro CSD announcement in aid for ACB clubs that will arrive before the end of the year.