Chen on matchday 1 of the 2005-06 season, Ricky Rubio it broke the precocity record of the ACB League, it seemed that it established a record that would remain for the rest of time, the kind that seems impossible to unseat.

Just over 16 years later, Ricky’s top has dropped a notch because of Bassala Bagayoko, a Malian player who was not even born when Rubio established the record that he pulverized yesterday against the Real Madrid.

Bagayoko, called by Raventós to cover one of the many casualties that Fuenlabrada has, became the youngest player to debut in the ACB. A historical fact that the young African establishes in 14 years, seven months and 15 days.

Normally the debut of such a young player usually occurs at the end of a match and with the score decided for better or for worse. Bagayoko’s came in the 7th minute of the game and with Fuenlabrada raised to the beards of Madrid, who seemed more confused by the presence of a child than the local team itself.

The young Bagayoko took to the track with 2:56 remaining to the end of the quarter replacing Eyenga, and needed just 30 seconds to make his first personal foul (on Taylor), a minute and a half to capture his first rebound and a few more seconds to sign his first basket which was a mate on top.

It was not the only thing he did in the game. Bagayoko played 2:30 in the first quarter, did not play in the second, returned to court for 2:43 in the third act and was 3:58 in the last, for a total of nine minutes in which he scored two points, grabbed two rebounds and finished with two valuation.

The African player whose name will be forever linked to this ACB season, already dazzled in the 2019 Endesa Mini Cup, in which he led the Canary Islands to the final against the great favorite Real Madrid.

The Fuenla coach, Josep María Raventós, was the ‘culprit’ of Bagayoko’s feat. He made it debut and that’s how he saw it: “We have kept him for 10 minutes because he has trained very well, he is not afraid. From now on we have to continue taking care of him as the club is taking care of him, that his coaches continue to treat him as they are treating him and go little by little with him “.

Youngest players in acb history

1. Bassala Bagayoko, 5,341 days

2. Ricky Rubio, 5,473

3. Angel Rebolo, 5,578

4. Carlos Alocen, 5,783

5. Pablo Sánchez, 5,853