ANDhe Baxi Manresa achieved the third consecutive victory in the Endesa League after beating Río Breogán. The Manresa were ahead on the scoreboard throughout the match, although the Galicians did not stop fighting until the end. Center Ismael Bako with 17 points was the best player of the match.

Both teams started very erratic, taking bad care of the ball and with little success. Baxi Manresa took the initiative, but always with Breogán doing the rubber (13-11 min 6). Even so, the locals finished the fourth with an 11-4 run to end the first ten minutes with a 9-point lead.

The Catalans maintained the good momentum at the end of the first quarter and with a partial 11-7 they forced the visiting coach to request a time-out (35-22 min 14). The Galician team could not stop the offensive gale of Baxi Manresa although they made up the difference with two consecutive triples from forward Kalinoski.

Baxi Manresa was a roller in the third quarter and from the beginning they began to face victory. The Galicians were overwhelmed by the rhythm and were not able to mitigate the offensive game of the local team (61-38 min 17). Only Kalinoski, with eight points in a row, was able to maintain any hope in the visiting team.

When it seemed that Baxi Manresa had well controlled the score, the Galicians pressed to place the difference in only ten points (66-56 min 34). It is true that the visiting team did not stop shaking, but the home team showed control and cold blood to resolve the match in their favor.

Data sheet:

86. BAXI MANRESA (24 + 18 + 18 + 22) Dani Pérez (5), Thomasson (14), Valtonen (6) Moneke (14) Sima (8) -starting five- Francisco (2), Dani Garcia (5), Maye (10), Jou (4) and Bako ( 17).

75. RIO BREOGÁN (15 + 13 + 17 + 27) E. Quintela (-), Musa (9), Kalinoski (16), Lukovic (9) Mahalbasic (17) -starting five- S. Quintela (4) Kacinas (3), Cruz (9), Sakho (4) and Sollazzo (4)

Referees: Benjamin Jiménez, Alberto Sánchez and Raúl Zamorano. They eliminated visiting players Sakho and Kalinoski by five fouls.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 10 of the Endesa League played at the Nou Congost pavilion before 4,500 fans.