ANDhe barca it is precision machinery, an engine that works with high-performance parts. If all of them converge, inspired, at the same time, the result is usually a landslide victory. The leader of the Endesa League destroyed the Gran Canaria (98-80), in an exquisite first half (61-28) in which several players showed exceptional form. Jasikevicius He spoke of almost perfect 30 minutes.

Little damage was done to the local team by 0-6 at the beginning of the game with a pustovyi that was imposed on Smiths. The game was very special for the Ukrainian. But the Latvian returned it in attack and between the two they had scored the first 15 points of the game (9-6). From there, it was unleashed the azulgrana storm who destroyed his rival with a partial 33-12 in the second act.

When Smiths sat down, exhausted from exertion on both sides, appeared mirotic first, with three triples in a row, Brandon Davisdestroying the area exum who is still euphoric and even the best version of Abrines, who chained a prodigious 5 of 5 in triples. Barça unleashed all its potential against a Gran Canaria without AJ Slaughter, injured in training the day before. The result was that the game, at halftime, was finished, 61-28.

The break was the shortest in the era Jasikevicius. Just a while in the locker room to listen to a coach more relaxed than usual and immediately to warm up on the track. Today there was no need for a ‘sarina’. Just bear the intensity.

The good thing about the recital of the first 20 minutes for Jasikevicius was to be able to distribute a lot of minutess in a week very full of games, the prelude to another with three more clashes and a suffocating schedule. The second half only served for Gran Canaria to try to show some pride and Barça continued to enjoy themselves in attack but with less intensity in defense. The canaries had to react since they arrived at the Palau as one of the most fit teams (four wins in the last five games). Led by a great Balcerowski16 points in 14 minutes, won the third quarter (19-27) and the fourth (18-23) to minimize damage, at least on the scoreboard and in the final image.

Data sheet:

98 – Barca (28+33+19+18): Calathes (6), Laprovittola (2), Exum (5), Mirotic (15), Smits (9) -initial team-, Abrines (20), Davies (10), Sergi Martínez (2), Hayes-Davis (15 ), Kuric (2), Jokubaitis (10) and Nnaji (2).

80 – Gran Canaria (16+12+27+25): Albicy (6), Ennis (11), Brussino (8), Stevic (2), Pustovyi (10) -initial team-, Balcerowski (16), I. Diop (2), Salvó (5), López (4) , Shurna (7), K. Diop (5) and Mutaf (4).