ANDhe Barcelona begins with the aroma of champion. Jasikevicius and his hosts go through contractual controversies, salary cuts and everything that has nothing to do with what happens on the field. A rectangle in which the Barça team continues to be the same gale that when the curtain was thrown on the Endesa League last season as champion. The culé team maintains its level of excellence, especially defensive, from where he began to build the victory by crushing (87-68) against a Valencia that was not able to discover where the wind was blowing on the parquet.


  • Barcelona- Martínez (2), Smits (10), Hayes (7), Abrines (3), Jokubaitis (10), Davies (15), Oriola (5), Laprovittola (9), Higgins (13), Kuric (2), Mirotic (7) and Calathes (4).
  • Valencia- Puerto (11), Pradilla (10), Ferrando (3), Tobey (9), Bellver (3), Claver (0), Prepelic (9), Van Rossom (3), Bressan (0), Dubljevic (6) , Jiménez (3) and Hermannsson (11).
  • Partial: 27-16, 18-12, 22-16 and 20-24
  • Referees: Peruga, Castillo and Caballero

And that the clash began with those of Joan Peñarroya showing impudence and attitude in the first three minutes. But that’s where the taronja bellows arrived. Little time against an opponent who took little time to sharpen the defensive fang. If something has achieved the Lithuanian coach is turning his players into authentic hunting dogs that they take advantage of when they smell rival blood. And that’s what they did when they saw the initial 3-8 on the scoreboard, they started biting. The Barça chained seven steals (finished the game with 15) in seven minutes, aggravated by the losses of a lost Valencia, to chain a 16-0 partial, breaking the game at the first change.

With Calathes like compass and small quality glimpses of Laprovittola, the usual solvency of Higgins and Davies and the good work of a newcomer like Nigel-Hayes, Barcelona made it clear in the first two acts that they are not willing to let their second title of the season escape -the first was given in the Catalan League when they fell to BAXI Manresa- against a Valencia that was trying to survive on the basis of illusion of young people like Puerto or Pradilla and a Mike Tobey which continues with Games mode activated.

Young people leave their mark

Something insufficient before a group in which all can be soloists or backing musicians, depending on the moment and the circumstances of the match. Against Valencia Saras threw the baton so as not to give special prominence to any of its stars and only exceeded a little in the solo of Nigel Hayes, who confirmed the success of his signing in his first big appearance before the look and smile of his ‘boss’ Navarro.

The game, which ran out of history after the first set, served to test the new faces of both teams. Especially that of the young people from Valencia who were the only positive note of the night. Before the accumulation of casualties in his bench, Joan Peñarroya did not hesitate to give minutes to the Puerto, Pradilla and Ferrando that left very good sensations to excite taronja fans for the future. An illusion that was not worth before that insatiable machine that Jasikevicius’s pupils have become.