ANDBetween last-minute casualties (Abrines), breaks (Exum and Smits), his distance from second in the Endesa League and the proximity of the tie against Bayern, the Barca was not for parties at the Palau and the Unibox took the opportunity to assault him. He won, 63-73, a match that three or four weeks ago he surely would not have been able to. In reality, he took advantage of a completely clueless team, between the rush of the Classic and the Euroleague playoffs, to do something that no one had done before at the Palau: win the four quarters against Barcelona.

They say two don’t fight if one doesn’t want to. Something like that was the clash between the Barca and Unicaja. The people from Malaga went looking for the game at all times and were focused for almost 40 minutes. The Barca, not. It was simply a matter of hunger, the one shown by the players of Ibon Navarro to whom the technician had asked the day before to leave everything on the track. They did it against Barça and won.

And above all Dario Brizuela. The ‘Basque Mamba’ put on a formidable match with 22 points and 5 of 5 three-pointers. It was torture for the defense of the Barca, lower on the outside line and lower on the paint. Brizuela managed more triples than the entire Barcawho made an unfortunate 3 of 21. But not only Brizuela lived Unicaja. Jaime Fernandez13 points, was also sublime, as was Bouteille, Abromaitis, Guerrero… Unicaja beat Barça with their weapons, intense defense and fluid attacks, and consoled themselves for elimination from the BCL with a huge win at the Palau.

Barca was bad. He never commanded the scoreboard, if he managed to prevent the clash from breaking much earlier, but only because Mirotic and Davies They refused to hand it over. The azulgrana depended too much on both. Between the two they achieved almost 50% of their team’s points, Mirotic, 20 and Davies, 10. The Hispanic-Montenegrin played 22 minutes, the most at Barça, because Jasikevicius he fulfilled his plan to rotate and dose, but if Barça had played something in this match, the ’33’ would have been on the court for 40 minutes.