dejan radonjic will be the new coach Panathinaikos. The Montenegrin coach reached an agreement with the Greek team and will take over the reins of PAO starting next season. And what does this have to do with the possible signing of Nikola Kalinic for him Barca? Well, a lot.

According to what the Eurohoops portal has been reporting, Kalinic would have been delaying his intentions to continue or not in the Red Star waiting for the decision Radonjic. The departure of the Montenegrin to Athens opens the door for the Serbian team to Austin Hollins or Dejan Davidovacwho will leave the club shortly, but also to a Kalinic that will direct their steps towards the Palau.

Apparently, the agreement between the Barcelona and the Serbian player is total. The key is that, according to Marc Mundet of El Mundo Deportivo, the Red Star He would have received a notification from the player’s agents about the debt of three payrolls by the club, which has until this Thursday to catch up. If the club completes the default, the player would be free and save the $100,000 severance package this season.

Another thing is that later Barça has to negotiate the rights of first refusal of Kalinic that are in the power of Valencia Basketball. But for the output of Kalinic of the Red Star, for the moment, the first conditioning factor has already been given, which was also crucial, which is the departure of the coach to Athens.