ANDhe manager responsible for the Barça basketball section, Josep Cubells, has advanced this Tuesday that, “the new Palau Blaugrana it should be ready in the 2025-2026 season and will have a capacity for 15,000 spectators. “

Cubells has pronounced these words together with the general director of the section, the former Barça captain Juan Carlos Navarro, and the sports director Mario Bruno Fernandez, in the first meeting with the media in more than two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There was a lot of interest in knowing the situation of Marc Gasol with Barça and Juan Carlos Navarro has not hidden that he is “in talks with him to come to the team.”

“They are only conversations and there is no negotiation, although he has not given any negative. He knows of our interest and he has the last word. I will not deny that I would like to have him“, has explained.

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As for the new Palau, Cubells has said that it will have a capacity for 15,000 spectators because the club has “the intention that some of them will be played there. Euroleague Final Four And that’s the minimum capacity. “

“We also want to have the possibility of mounting other events such as concerts, conventions, etc. and the capacity would increase to 20,000, with 5,000 spectators on the track,” he added.

While the time comes, the club has approved an investment of one million euros in the current Palau “to change the electronic scoreboard, improve the public address system and lighting, the area for court chairs and the ‘hospitality’ in the annexed part of the northern goal of the Palau “, said Cubells.

In the Euroleague match against him Zenit Saint Petersburg the seats of the Palau that were put up for sale were sold out and in the Endesa League in front of Fuenlabrada 2,800 tickets were sold.

“It must be taken into account that there are 4,000 subscribers at the Palau, although some 600 do not attend regularly. There is a desire for basketball and we will look to solve this type of situation,” said the manager responsible for the section.

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On the other hand, the Barça store in front of the Palau, placed last week, for the first time, in its showcases, the marketing of the basketball section and the acceptance was positive. “What we want is that coming to the Palau is an experience for the fans,” said Cubells.

The Barça manager has also revealed that the club has hired an expert who will look for sponsorships exclusively for the section: “Our intention is to balance income and expenses to a current budget of 41 million euros and from which we are trying to reduce the deficit. “

“We have come across transfers made with prices above the market and Containing the budget from one season to the next is complicated“, has concluded Cubells.

Mario Bruno Fernández, the sports director, has indicated that, “the signings made this season have already been made at market prices. Even the renewal of Cory Higgins and there are themes like those of Mirotic or Calathes that are being negotiated. “

“The signings that Barça made at the time above the market what caused the clubs to also shoot up the recruitment prices and this is a real problem”, has remarked Fernández, who has also advanced that, in the next season, in Endesa League there could be up to five formation players on the match sheet.

“It is something that is being studied and for this reason we are creating a strong quarry. We have some players who aim high and this would also lower the salary mass of the first team,” he stressed.