ANDl Barcelona played with fire before him Urbas Fuenlabrada and almost got scorched (81-79). The Catalans took the day off (Jasikevicius ruled out Mirotic to give him rest before a week with a double Euroleague matchday), and without his compass his team was wrecked for many minutes and about to lose.

The Fuenlabreños had it in their hand to get the first victory in its history at the Palau Blaugrana (76-79 with 21 seconds remaining), but their pulse trembled when it came to taking the final thrust. An offensive rebound from Smits after missing a free kick, Calathes took advantage of it for Barça to equalize. Later Novak missed a pass and Davies (25 + 5), after being fouled, sentenced four seconds from the end (81-79), since the own Novak he missed three times on the horn to force overtime.

Josep Maria Raventós debuted on the bench Fuenlabrada, and although against Barcelona it was almost impossible for the saying of ‘New coach, sure victory’ to be fulfilled, he almost succeeded. His team showed a ambition and a defensive intensity that, if it continues, will guarantee its permanence in the Endesa League, now committed. From the defense (they committed 8 fouls and caused 7 losses culés) looked into the face of the Barcelona, who regained command thanks to Davies (20-17).

But his audacity went further in the second act, which started with a partial of 2-11 (22-26, min 14). Alexander, Novak and Meindl took advantage of the neglect of the Catalans, who with Calathes, Kuric, Hanga, Claver and Oriola on the court they made waters in defense and they did not amend the plan since triple (1/11). Jasikevicius tried to fix the mess by returning Pustovyi, Smits and Martínez, but Trimble appeared to keep the advantage of his own (31-35, min 20). The Barça swept in the rebound (22 with 11 offensive), but bled with losses (11) and from triple (1/12).

Maximum income of Urbas Fuenlabrada (31-40, min 21)

In the resumption the Fuenlabrada established its maximum income after a Emegano triple (31-40, min 21), and held the pressure culé a few more minutes thanks to ALexander and Eyenga (40-47, min 24). Until a triple of Abrines and the percussion of Davies in the area they finally opened a crack in the visiting defense, which fit a partial of 11-2 tBolmaro’s six-point flush (53-49, min 27). But those of Raventós they did not give their arm to twist and with tTrimble and Novak multiples they made a partial 3-10 to get an advantage in the last quarter (56-59, min 30).

Trimble kept the illusion of his own (58-62), but Davis, Bolmaro and Abrines they opened the tap in attack to return command to the Catalans (74-69, min 38). The Fuenlabrada did not give up and from the hand of Alexander, Emegano and Meindl (with a prodigious 2 + 1), allowed the people of Fuenlabrada to extend their dream with a partial of 2-9 (76-78 with 44 seconds left). But in those final moments the nerves and Smits and Davies penalized their mistakes to seal the agonizing triumph of Barcelona (81-79), which allows you to follow stalking the leadership of Real Madrid.

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