Lyou classics they usually have the almost magical property of transforming team trajectories and equalizing forces. It has always been like this: no matter how both teams arrive, Barça-Madrid or Madrid-Barça forget what was previously played and start from scratch. Regardless of the Blaugrana rising line either the white descendant of the last few weeks, the one at the Palau was a great game between two teams that wanted to win first and foremost and that, at this level, will meet again in the final of the Endesa League and why not? in the semifinal of the Euroleague.

The Barca left the first place in the Endesa League sentenced. won at Madrid in overtime, 108-97, and three games and the average already separate them. But above all, it was the day that the Madrid He beat again as a team, to play with defensive intensity, despite the 108 points conceded, to show the identity of not long ago. He lost at the Palau, yes, but he still filled his backpack with confidence and morale, something that could be decisive in what is to come for the whites.

And, like almost all classics, there was also time for controversy. First because with five minutes remaining in the game, Mirotic and Abalde They faced each other, bumped heads and the tangana got involved in the Palau. After reviewing the play, the referees decided to expel both players who, later, continued exchanging impressions in the locker room tunnel, although now calmer.

The tangana in the Palau that sends Mirotic and Abalde out on the street

But above all because of the foul with which Barça managed to send the game to extra time. triple of There is one second to go he did not enter and the rebound captured him Yabusele. But the referees focused on another action: the fight for the rebound between Poirier and Sanli. The Frenchman was fouled, much protested by Paul Lasso, and the Turk scored only one of the shots. That move, which prevented Madrid from winning and sent the game to extra time, will give a lot to talk about, because of these thousands in each game that are not whistled.

Already in extra time, Hayes ended up being the Blaugrana hero with eight points and Exum put the icing on the cake with a superb mate. The plethoric Australian was one of the best in the match, leaving a huge poster against Poirier in the first half, along with the Argentine laprovittola.

Before all that, in extra time, Madrid had the game in their hands. First with an action of hanga in which he fumbles on a pass, then Hayes’s missed shot came. And finally with triple Llull that didn’t go over the horn.

It was a great Clásico that Barça threatened to break a couple of times and that Madrid knew how to hold on to. They defended intensely although with little success, 51-46 at half-time, and Barça lived for a long time thanks to the triple, 13 of 26, just like Madrid with the rebound in attack and the superiority in the paint of Poirier and Tavares.

Data sheet:

108- Barca (27+24+20+18+19): Calathes (3), Laprovittola (20), Exum (16), Mirotic (14), Smits (18) -initial team-, Sanli (10), Sergi Martínez (-), Hayes-Davis (16), Abrines (- ), Kuric (6), Jokubaitis (5) and Nnaji (-).

97- Real Madrid (23+23+19+24+8): Abalde (7), Taylor (4), Deck (17), Yabusele (13), Tavares (14) -initial team-, Causeur (3), Randolph (4), Hanga (11), Poirier (14) and Llull (10).