ORn rocky Valencia Basketball finished with the Barcelona’s 12-match winning streakwhich had not lost since January 20 (in Endesa League since 11 days before) and in between won the Copa del Rey. The taronjas faced the game without two of their bases, Van Rossom and Hermannssonand before the break they almost lost the third, Dimitrijevicwho played with an ankle injury since then but was decisive with 16 points and seven assists. All adversities were overcome by delivery.

Data sheet

  • 86 – Valencia Basket (21+19+24+22): Dimitrijevic (16), López-Arostegui (7), Claver (4), Pradilla (11), Tobey (17) -five starters- Puerto (2), Prepelic (8), Dubljevic (4), Ferrando (3) and Rivero (14).
  • 76 – Barcelona (21+21+19+15): Calathes (4), Laprovittola (9), Exum (11), Mirotic (14), Sanli (7) -five starters- Davies (13), Martínez (2) , Smits (-), Hayes (1), Abrines (-), Kuric (8) and Jokubaitis (7).

It was shown in The rebound, the aspect that decided the meeting. If it is a matter of desire, Valencia had many more: 44-23 was the balance of catches, with the locals catching 18 in attack, more than Barça under its own hoop (15). The thrust of La Fonteta, at one hundred percent capacity after two years, it was the final push.

It is not usual for the azulgranas to be overwhelmed by the physique of their rival, especially in the zones, where they sent Rivero (14 points) and Toby (17with 11 in the fourth quarter). Pradilla He also contributed his own. There is a player in there. Intelligent, knowledgeable about the game and intense. He got a good grade in the master’s degree (11 points and four rebounds).

Laprovittola kept Barça from the start with three triples in a row, but he did not score again. Then flashes of Jokubaitis and the mixture of technique and physique of exum. Valencia held on, compensating for their many losses with the attack rebound. The homegrown players complied, carnation defended and Dimitrijevic shone.

No one has more than five rental points

mirotic he did not score in the game until seconds before the break, which was reached with 40-42. He fired up after the break and threatened with eight points in the third quarter. Dimitrijevic kept up the pace despite his injury and the difference in free throws (28-14) they also helped the Valencians. The marker was a handkerchief. No one had had more than five rental points.

The game broke up with a partial 11-1 between the third and the last period (73-62). Some excellent minutes of Pradilla propitiated the local takeoff and finished it off Tobey with 11 points in the final quarter. A triple of his liquidated (82-70). The taronjas won the two regular league matches against Barça. Alternative? We will see.

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