ANDl Barcelona continues to suffer in most of its matches. Nikola Mirotic had to draw magic from his hat again for his team to add their third victory in the Endesa League at the expense of the Breogán River.

A statistic made the difference: 23 points from the free kick for Barça for the five of his rival.

Breogán, one of the five undefeated teams after the first two days and who arrived at the Palau as leader, was always behind on the scoreboard. The Catalans soon achieved a comfortable income of 12 points (29-17) in the 12th minute.

However, the Lugo team did not surrender using their weapons, among which the contribution of Mahalbasic stood out. The pivot took over the ‘painting’ with a manual of movements.

A 3-12 run brought Breogán back to the game: 32-29. Mirotic’s seven free throws made the difference at halftime: 42-36. The Galicians had barely been to staff four times.

Saras Jasikevicius had stopped Musa, the Bosnian star of the visitors, but not the rest of the collective. A newly promoted with six new faces who stood up to the end.

Sakho and Mahalbasic charged very quickly with the third staff, a handicap for Breogán. Four minutes into the third quarter, Paco Olmos’s men were already in bonus.

Breogán moved to just one point: 60-59 with a whole quarter to play. The Turkish Sanli, who made his debut on the Gran Canaria track, debuted his scoreboard at the Palau. Each basket was gold. The Galicians were left without the comeback.

Lukovic, one of Olmos’ offensive references, had to retire injured. Too many elements against to surprise the powerful Barcelona at home.

The Catalans scored a partial 11-4. Mirotic, in MVP mode, finished with 22 points, seven rebounds and a PIR of 32. On Wednesday, in Las Palmas, he signed a 36. A triple by Kalinoski brought his team closer with one minute to go: 71-66. There the party died.

Data sheet:

78- Barça (23 + 19 + 18 + 18): Davies (4), Hayes (14), Higgins (15), Mirotic (22), Calathes (5) -starting five-; Laprovittola (3), Martínez (-), Oriola (3), Smits (-), Sanli (2), Kuric (8), Jokubaitis (2).

69- Breogán (15 + 21 + 19 + 14): Bell-Haynes (11), Musa (14), Lukovic (12), Mahalbasic (10), Sergio Quintela (4) -five starting; Sakho (4), Kalinoski (6), Kacinas (2), Erik Quintela (2), Cruz (4), Larsen (-).

Referees: Óscar Perea, Sergio Manuel and Héctor Baez.

Incidents: match of day 3 of the Endesa League played at the Palau Blaugrana before 2,517 spectators in a reduced capacity due to sanitary restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.