ANDhe Barcelona added their fifth victory in the Endesa League this Tuesday against Casademont Zaragoza (76-63) and remains, momentarily, first in the qualifying table.

Without a Davies booked by their coach, the locals lived off the points of their other two tall men, Sanli and Oriola. He did not have an erratic Mirotic day. The Montenegrin, with an average rating of 25.5, stayed at 0.

The Catalans reached an income of 33-23 that was neutralized with a partial of 0-8 by their rival: 33-31. Zaragoza shared his score with Radoncic as the most inspired shooter.

Scare for Sanli. In what was his best game as a Barcelona player, the Turk sprained his ankle early in the second quarter. It was a false alarm.

The most emotional part of the game came in the 16th minute when the game was stopped to pay tribute to Pau Gasol, officially retired from basketball and who had found number 16 behind him for so many afternoons of glory. The Palau’s ovation was choral and included players, coaching staff and fans.

The break was reached with local income, but with everything to decide: 36-31. Jasikevicius, who is almost never happy, would snatch Sergi Martínez on the way to the locker room.

Barça continued to dominate the game and the scoreboard in the continuation with Oriola as the benchmark. McLean and Okoye stood up to him on the Aragonese side, but they were very alone.

Hayes and Smits took advantage of it to equal the maximum advantage at the end of the third quarter: 54-44. Saras’ ambition on the bench is transferred to her players. Barça is not worth winning. A Laprovittola triple shot the score to 71-51 in the 36th minute.

The Argentine guard gave a lesson in shooting before being replaced by the young Caicedo, who scored his point from the personal.

With no time to celebrate this Thursday, Bayern will play in Munich on the second day of the Euroleague.