ANDhe Barça secured first place in the regular phase of the Endesa League and, with it, the field factor, with a hurried comeback (72-74) against Río Breogán, which was up twenty-two before the break and entered with a fourteen advantage to the last quarter.

The Lugo natives, with the illusion of reaching the playoff for the title, were ahead of almost the entire match, but they faded in attack in the last minutes (six points in the last quarter) and allowed the leader to take the victory.


The Argentine Nicolás Laprovittola, after scoring 26 points against Bayern in the Euroleague, scored the first five of his team in the Pazo dos Deportes, but was opposed by a coral Breogán, again without his MVP, Dzanan Musa, and without another of his references, Trae Bell-Haynes, but with a lot of sacrifice, pride and faith, supported by his fans.

Kalinoski lights the fuse for the Breogán River

Cruz and Kalinoski were the first to support the people of Lugo. Erik Quintela opened a four-point gap, but Barcelona neutralized it, and Breogán went for more. Two triples in a row by Kalinoski put him six up (20-14 m.8). Those of Mrsic had scored 3 of 5 from 6.75; Barça, unknown, signed a 0-7.


The Uruguayan Agustín Ubal entered the track to face his team, who gave it to Breogán. The lucenses were solid. Two triples by Mahalbasic and another by Sergi Quintela, with an additional, with 1.8 seconds to go, put the Galicians with an eleventh lead (26-15) at the end of the first quarter.

Eight triples failed by Barça

Barcelona closed the first ten minutes without assists and with eight failed triples, none inside. Mahalbasic began the second act with another three-point shot (29-15) and Abrines corrected with two triples in a row, to which was added another by Smits (31-24, m.12).

It seemed that the azulgranas reacted. His technician, Sarunas Jasikevicius was warm. So much so that he cost him a technique after twelve minutes, coinciding with a basket by Ubal. The Breogán followed his men. Jankovic, with four points in a row, established a difference of seventeen points (43-26, m.18). The azulgranas had only made six fouls. The Pazo was a party.


Veljko Mrsic’s men were handcuffing the leader. They were twenty-two up (48-26, m.19) and came into the break with eighteen points in the lead. Barcelona had stayed in three of fifteen in triples, barely 20 percent success. Much to correct in the break.

Barcelona increased the intensity and fouls. Abrines, based on triples, narrowed the income of the locals, who with a basket by Laprovittola went to thirteen (53-40, m.24). Breogán tried to charge the player who was punishing him the most with fouls from 6.75 and had to ask for time-out when Sanli also added another three to put Jasikevicius’ men to twelve (57-45, m.27).

The people from Lugo endure the first Barça pull

The people from Lugo, with Ubal showing off with self-confidence, endorsed him with a 4-0 win that also forced the Barcelona bench to stop the game. A three-pointer by Lukovic from his home widened the part of the team from Lugo, which Sanli countered (64-50, m.28).


Breogán entered the last ten minutes fourteen up (66-52). Barcelona started a time trial. In less than two minutes he was already eight (67-59). The game began to drag on for the locals when Davies and Jokubaitis joined in. They also entered the bonus with more than six minutes left (69-63), the success did not accompany them and the leader got to three (69-66, m.35).

A heart-stopping ending

Mrsic intervened to cut the rhythm of the azulgranas. The Lugo people clung to Mahalbasic, not too successful, but something more than his teammates. Barcelona got within one (72-71) with 1:16 remaining, Sergi Quintela missed two free throws and Higgins completed the comeback with 44 seconds left (72-73).

The Breogán continued denied in the rival ring. Despite this, a steal by Kalinoski allowed Mahalbasic to have a shot at victory, but he missed and Barcelona took him despite closing the match with two missed free throws Poor Davies that Lukovic was able to penalize at the buzzer with a triple.

Data sheet:

72 – Breogan River (26+22+18+6): Kacinas (-), Kalinoski (9), Sakho (4), Erik Quintela (11), Iván Cruz (9) -initial five-, Mahalbasic (11), Sergi Quintela (11), Ubal (8), Lukovic (5 ), Jankovic (7).

74 – Barca (15+15+22+22): Davies (11), Hayes (5), Laprovittola (8), Kuric (6), Calathes (7) -starting five-, Sanli (6), Smits (3), Abrines (12), Higgins (8), Jokubaitis (8), Oriole (-).

Referees: Jordi Aliaga, Joaquín García González and Iyán González.

Incidents: match of the thirty-second day of the Endesa League played at the Pazo dos Deportes de Lugo before some 5,000 spectators.